10 Best Ways To Reutilize Your Wedding Lehenga.

10 Best ways to reutilize your wedding lehenga
10 Best Ways To Reutilize Your Wedding Lehenga

A wedding day is the most important day of any women’s life, and it is understandable why she would want a regal outfit to make her stand out. Lehenga choli is a popular option and consists of a choli (blouse), lehenga that is a decorated long skirt and finally to tie it all up is a dupatta.

However, what happens to the lehenga choli after the wedding? It probably is hidden away in a box never to be seen again. This does not have to be the case, there are several methods by which you can reinvent the outfit so that it can be utilized elsewhere and still make a stylish fashion number for all events.

#Choli And Simple Lehenga Pairing

Choli and simple lehenga pairing

In this case, the wedding choli/blouse that is adorned by diamond embedding work, gold embroidery with delicate detailings is matched up with a simple single colour lehenga that does not sport too much decorating as the choli takes care of that department. This makes it a suitable wear for all events, important and low-key. Accompanied by the usual accessories, this is truly a worthwhile revamp.

#Lehenga And Shirt/Top Pairing

Lehenga and shirt top pairing

This is a sort of modern twist that incorporates western features with traditional flare. Here the traditional, heavy decor of the lehenga is worn with a stylish western top such as crop top, off the shoulder top, collared shirt, or even a plain buttonless blouse.

It creates a unique looking style that will be sure to make everyone look twice. These can be sported at parties when you need to look modern and stylish enough to keep up with the rest of the guests.

#Wedding Lehenga + Long Kurta

Wedding lehenga long kurta

This combination aims to give a full traditional look and can be most commonly seen at traditional functions such as Holi, Diwali, Navratri, and many more auspicious occasions during the course of the year.

It is a style that adds an extra traditional element to the entire outfit making it a suitable fit for all needs. The kurta can be extra long or average length depending on you, also be sure to check out all the fabric options as it gives a contoured look when you combine different fabrics such as silk and netting, cotton and satin, etc.

#Experiment With Different Draping Methods

Experiment with different draping methods

A well-known fact is that there are numerous methods of draping the dupatta of a lehenga choli. Traditional methods are worn for weddings, but if you need to dress to impress be sure to test out the newer, modern methods of draping the dupatta around you.

Some of the latest styles of draping include draped in the front like a cowl, pinned on both shoulders and draped on the chest, draped like a saree with a waist belt, draped on one shoulder and left loose over the arm, one side pinned to shoulder and then tucked at the waist on the opposite side.

These are but a few styles that can be tried out, also you can experiment with many different accessories such as arm jewellery and waist belts. Wear these sophisticated styles at a friends wedding or public events to grab attention.

#Multitasking Blouses

Multitasking blouses

The blouse is a vital part of a lehenga choli and can, therefore, be paired up with another saree or even another heavy lehenga creating an illusion that they are actually the matching pair. Other pairings for the heavy wedding blouse are a modern pair of palazzo pants, a western skirt that will create an even more interesting aura around your look.

These stylish options will guarantee that your beloved wedding choli will indeed see the light of day again. And the best part is that with such a fabulous top you will require very little jewellery around your neck.

#A Mixture Of Styles And Designs

A mixture of styles and designs

If you are a fashionista, there are probably many styles and designs that you love. There is a way to fuse them into one outfit without looking like a clown. In this specific look you can mix and match according to your preferences but be warned, do not go over the top.

Try to stick to similar colours like beiges and off-whites, grey shades or classic matching colours such as red and green, maroons and gold. Avoid pairing blindingly bright colours with deep colours.

#Sew A Timeless Anarkali

Sew a timeless Anarkali

Anarkali style is one that has been around since the Mughal era, it is an evergreen style and is bound to be in fashion forever. All you have to do is sew your choli to your lehenga to give it the seamless anarkali makeover it suits perfectly because both pieces are heavily decorated for this style.

You will love the outfit and will definitely be wearing it more than once, this is definitely the most utilizing option for your lehenga choli and it can say goodbye to the closet for good.

#Invent A New Outfit

Invent a new outfit

An option for all the natural-born designers out there is to create a totally new outfit (if you are willing to butcher your beloved wedding lehenga choli). This involves cutting the actual fabric and making a modern themed outfit.

The outfit may feature a crop top with cold shoulders or off the shoulder design. The lehenga can even be made into a much shorter skirt or a pair of trousers if you are brave enough to deviate from tradition and culture. Opt for the western look if you think outside the box. if you love wearing lehenga choli then you can buy lehenga choli in usa at low price.

#Half-Saree Dupatta

Half-saree dupatta

The half saree is quite often seen worn in Southern India states where girls have to wear these styles of ethnic clothing. Likewise, the wedding dupatta is most likely heavily embroidered with floral designs sewn in many different colours.

This makes this invention easier to implement. All you need to do is choose a suitable lehenga and choli and let the dupatta do the talking, drape the dupatta in a style of your choice. Be sure to choose contrasting fabrics for the lehenga and colour scheme is also vital, so keep it in mind.

#Hack The Lehenga

Hack the lehenga

Wedding lehengas are meant to be long and flowy, and that is most suitable for your special day, however, this can be a negative for other functions that require a little toning down. Easily fix this problem by removing a portion of the lehenga, cutting off the bottom section can also remove the decor work, making your lehenga slightly less flashy and more wearable.


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