A Little Knowledge Is a Dangerous Thing – Ayurveda Myths & Facts

Ayurveda Myths & Facts

Ayurveda is embraced by the people because of its natural and holistic lifestyles and approaches, however, the field is always shrouded in myths and misconceptions among the public. Our oldest system of treatments and medicines is still struggling to achieve the faith because of the commonly-held doubts and false perceptions. People have more delusions than proper awareness which makes them shun the Ayurvedic treatments and remedies.

the Ayurvedic treatments and remedies

But why is this so? Usually, water spills from a completely filled vessel when transferred from person to person. Or we can say some of the water spills out before reaching the other person’s hands. Likewise, the transfer of knowledge from one person to another is spread under misconceptions and fallacies because the truth was spilled out slowly.

Being the descendants of Ayurveda, it is our duty to throw light on the topic and make people understand the truthfulness of it.  So we are here talking about the true facts and debunk the wrong notions of the traditional Hindu system of medicine.

#What Is Ayurveda Exactly?

It is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing, having its origin in the Vedic culture of India. It is incorporated in Atharva Veda, the last of the four Vedas and based on the idea of balance in mind, body, and spirit. The word is originally derived from two root words in Sanskrit which describes Ayur or Ayush as life or lifespan and Veda as knowledge.

Thus it refers to the complete knowledge of totality and longevity of life. It is believed to be the oldest science in existence, forming the foundation of all others. In the manner, the science of herbs, foods, aromas, gems, colors, yoga, mantras, lifestyle, and surgery is fascinating and varied.

#What Are The Popular Myths?

How many times you make a mind to try Ayurveda but you never gave a second thought because you’re skeptical? You definitely came across a lot of myths about this ancient wisdom just because of the improper awareness. Here, I would like to elaborate on a handful of the false notion that will clear off the doubts that are hanging around you.

I will put the real facts in front of you either they are in favor or not. Read below the myths and the realities adjoined so you can proceed without any question in your mind.

#Ayurveda Is All About Herbs and Herbs Only:

Various diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, an illness like fever, vomit, and allergies like skin, throat, nose, eyes, ears in Ayurveda is cured by herbal treatment practices. It is not exactly about the herbs, veggies or other greeneries but it relies on herbal remedies and preparations. From the title of an herbal therapy, it is believed to be an herbal treatment as a whole, which is not true. It is basically restoring the important health elements of the body.

#Slow Treatment:

It is because of the curing principle of Ayurveda. This is the major reason of people denying going for ayurvedic treatments most of the times. But there is a fast cure in Ayurveda too.

Modern medicines only cure the disease on the other hand Ayurveda diagnosis the root causes of the disease. Even Ayurveda is successful in treating various throat allergies, nose allergies, eye allergies and more, which are not having proper medications in allopathy.

#Ayurvedic Medicines Are Self-Prescribed:

People self-determine the medicines because of the misconception that they are harmless. But be aware, improper use of Ayurvedic medicines can bring in serious harm. After the proper diagnosis, medicines should be used with the prescription of a qualified practitioner.

#Relevant To Body Massage:

Ayurveda scriptures never explained the body massage as a treatment method even the messages are not suitable for many body types.

#Lack of Clinical Testing As Homemade

This is totally an erroneous thought as each medication whether related to allopathy or Ayurveda undergoes laboratory tests and certification process. Even the practitioner should clarify university-based medical education.

#No Side Effects:

This is a totally senseless thought. However, the side effects are not as severe as acidity, aches, faintness etc but still disturbing. Medications only are consumed in proper dose to achieve desired results. Medications are only advised to consume with a predefined format.

#Outdated and Obsolete System:

Being one of the oldest medical science approaches, the popularity of modern medicine replaced Ayurveda. Due to the rise of spirituality, holistic lifestyles, and healthy eating, it is sprouting new roots not only to a particular place but all over the world.

#Cannot Be Used For All Types of Ailments:

Untrue! Most patients turned towards ayurvedic treatments of their trouble after not finding a healthy solution in other medicinal systems and got well. Obviously, the problem reached an advanced stage will naturally take a longer time to cure otherwise Ayurveda has the ability to treat even diabetes from the roots.

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Dr. Satnam Singh, MD - AYURVEDA

“Dr. Satnam Singh, MD – AYURVEDA is an expert Ayurvedic practitioner based in Jalandhar, India. He is the MD of Arogyam Allergy Clinic. He is spreading the knowledge of Ayurveda Ancient healing treatment, not only in India but also abroad”.


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