AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar Successfully Performs ‘Awake Brain Surgery’


One of the leading private healthcare providers in Eastern India, AMRI Hospitals Bhubaneswar has successfully performed the ‘Awake Brain Surgery‘, a rarely practiced procedure to save the life of a patient suffering from brain tumor.

A 60 year old patient, Mr. Behera with complaints of headache and episodes of fits was found to have Glioma (brain tumor) arising from a part that controls speech and understanding. After reviewing the condition of the patient, Dr. Amit Kumar Chanduka, consultant neurosurgeon and treatment consultant for Mr. Behera, came to the conclusion of removing the tumor of early grade. However, there were chances of patient being unable to speak or understand, if the surgery was performed under anesthesia.

This is when Dr. Amit Kumar decided to perform ‘Awake Brain Surgery’, which requires combined effort of technically competent team, highly specialized equipment and a well-motivated patient. Supported by anesthesia team lead Dr Pankaj Rout and OT technical staff, the surgery was conducted successfully by Dr. Amit Kumar.

The patient was able to maintain  consciousness throughout the surgery and interact with OT staff and doctors. The patient sang songs, watched movie and made calculation, which suggested that the patient maintained the speech function and understanding. The tumor was removed in 4 hours and the patient was transferred to ICU and discharged in course of time.

“These surgeries require special team effort and strong will power of the patient. These type of surgeries were not common in our state, but with recent expertise and technology, more and more cases are being done”, said Dr. Amit Kumar.

This is not the first time AMRI Hospitals has successfully performed a complex surgery. The hospital is known for offering comprehensive treatment to the patients and performing surgeries with a good success rate.