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Healthy Skin is the first thing to consider for a healthy appearance. Our skin is made up of a number of healthy cells which has to nourished regularly for the healthy skin, but the Indian population faces a lot of difficulty in achieving so. The reason behind this is our climatic conditions, increased levels of pollution, dust, etc. However, all these factors can be handled with a systematic and healthy routine.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss some of the healthy and pocket-friendly skin care tips for Indians by one of the best Dermatologist of JaipurDr. Sachin Sharda.

The Best Skin Care Tips for Indians

#1 Ghee


Ghee is the best home remedy for the Indians. Indians possess luscious pouts which are more prone to cracking and chapping, mostly during the winters. So, Ghee can be very beneficial in handling this. Using Ghee for Lips and Heels will bring back its smoothness and radiant shine.

#Rose Water

Rose Water

Chemically Laden Toners are quite harsh and unhealthy for the skin, especially for the Indians. Therefore, instead of going with Chemically Laden Toners, the men and women are suggested to go with Rose Water. In the ancient time too, the prince and princess used to take bath with the Gold old Rose Water for the glowing and healthy skin.

So, take Rose Water and spray it on the face to tone. The continued practice of this will make the skin refreshed, brightened and softened. Another plus point of Rose Water is that it is quite inexpensive and the smell is also amazing.



Turmeric is one of the best kitchen remedies which is used in Indian Households. Apart from being a useful species for the kitchen, Tumeric is also considered for healthy skin, that is why it has a special place in Indian Marriage Ceremony too popularly known as Haldi Ceremony. There is a reason behind the Haldi Ceremony just before the marriage.

Turmeric possesses the antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent qualities which makes it handy in fighting acne and brightening your skin by making it soft. Also, Turmeric power is helpful in preventing the growth of facial hairs and fights dark circles and wrinkles. Now after knowing the immense uses of Turmeric, let’s discuss the process of making a correct turmeric paste.

Prepare a paste of paste of turmeric (haldi) and besan including rose water. Even milk is also suggested for better results. Stir it for a while, until all the ingredients get properly mixed. Now, apply the paste on the needed parts of the body and scrub it continuously. Scrubbing will prevent the growth of facial hairs.

#Extra Exfoliation

Extra Exfoliation

Indians are known to have a bit more oily skin compared to others. Pollution is also an issue for the Indians. Therefore, the Indians need an extra exfoliation for the good health of the skin. Exfoliation is the process in which the oldest dead skin cells are removed. So, either go with sugar scrubs or go with organic products like forest essentials, for an extra exfoliation.

#Go with SPF

Go with SPF

India has a tropical and sunny climate which is why the Indian skin burn easier than the other skin tones. Therefore, extra skin protection is required compared to others and this can be achieved with the help of SPF. So, purchasing a good SPF should be the first step of Indians for skin care. The common sources for SPF are Sunscreens and face wash. Also, It is recommended to use to sunscreens while going out as protects you from many dangerous diseases like cancer.

#Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil is the thing which will never go out of fashion. Apart from being a good hair care product, coconut oil is also a good skin care product. Instead of applying a number of beauty products on the face, it is suggested that all men and women should apply coconut oil on the face and leave it for a while before cleaning it. It will make the skin soft and lush lips. The regular use of coconut oil is useful in fighting the dark circles.



Honey is the useful ingredient which keeps the skin young and rejuvenated. Honey is known to be healthy for dry skin as it carries a moisturizing property. So, the regular use of Honey will solve the problem of dry skin. Apart from this, Honey also carries the anti-aging properties and fight against bacteria. This will help in maintaining the charm of the skin by fighting and eliminating the acne-causing bacteria.

Drink a Plenty of Water

India is a hot and humid country, so it suggested to drink at least 8-10 glass of water daily. This habit will keep the body refreshed and hydrated.

So, this is our best skin care tips for Indians. Implement this and let us know the changes. You can contact us via comments.

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