Black Seed Oil A Solution To Your Insomnia, Dosage and Administration


The wake of modern society has brought in many other vices. Many too numerous to enumerate, but, the root of all these is “stress”. The hustle and bustle brought in by civilization has kept us running from one place to another, working at different jobs just to be able to pay bills with some extra cash left over. These stressful activities have led to what we now call insomnia. This is the inability to sleep as a result of constant stress, depression and nervousness. Black seed oil can treat insomnia, but it will be good to identify the root causes of the condition, so as to prevent its recurrence.

Black Seed Oil A Solution To Your Insomnia

Before looking into the effectiveness of black seed oil to treat insomnia, let us address some vital issues about the condition. Preventive treatment seems the better, when compared to curative treatment. If you can successfully prevent a health hazard like this, then your curative treatment will hopefully be once and for all. The sleep disorder is caused by fatigue as an aftermath of stressful activities. Decongest your daily routine and give more time for rest – this is the first step towards eliminating sleeplessness.  Also do the following as a preparation before using the herbal oil to induce sleep.

  • Do not take in foods and drinks high in sugar just before your bedtime. This will keep your body alert, especially the pancreas responsible for producing insulin for sugar break. As a result, your whole body will be deprived of the complete rest needed. Stay away from sugary diet at nights.
  • In the same vein, it is proper not to eat heavily after 7pm every night. Your digestive system should finish all the rigorous task of breaking down your food way before bedtime. Since your body organs are not in an active state, sleep can be easily induced. At this time your whole-body organs goes to sleep as well, causing to wake-up more refreshed with all stress gone.
  • Create a habit of sleeping at an exact same time every night. This is your sleeping routine that will make you feel sleepy whenever that hour of the night has come. You can decide to go to bed at 10pm every night. Afterwards, you will notice that you are always feeling sleepy at 10pm night after night.

#The Importance of Black Seed Oil for Insomnia

This potent herb that has been passed down from ancient civilization to the modern society proves to be an active cure to many ailments. It originated from the Middle East and Asia, where they proudly claim it can heal all diseases apart from death. Black Cumin Seed Oil  contains thymoquinone which acts as a painkiller to heal the body of all pain symptoms. This component can also cure cancer and induce sleep in those suffering from insomnia.

This herbal oil comprises of substances that can increase the energy level of the body and induce a fast relief from depression and stress and tiredness. When this is achieved, one can easily sleep well at night. It has powers to bring about a thorough mental and spiritual cleansing, clearing away the fatigue of the day and leaving fully refreshed to commence the next day’s activities. This herbal oil will eliminate stress and tiredness; it will bring your whole being into a harmonious balance that will enhance better sleep.

The essential oil from the black seed transforms you from partial sleep to a deep sound sleep, this will ensure that every part of your body relaxes and eases off the tension of the day. The aftermath of this deep sound sleep, is a more relaxed and stress-free you. It is imperative to ascertain that you cannot become addicted to this oil while using it to treat sleeping disorders. It is 100 percent safe to use always. (apart from during pregnancy)

#Dosage and Administration of Black Seed Oil For Insomnia

This is the direction to use this potent essential oil to cure insomnia. Before following this dosage of black seed oil, refer to the instructions above to maintain a good night time habit. It is very important to create and continue with healthy eating and sleeping habits so that the cure will be long lasting. Deal with the stressful lifestyle and then follow the instructions below to use the black seed oil effectively to combat and overcome all sleeping disorders.

  • Mix black seed oil with some citric juice and drink a glass of it in the morning before the beginning of your day. This energy booster will keep you strong, alert and active throughout the day. Fatigue, depression and stress will never come near you all day long.
  • Mix the oil with honey, one teaspoon each and add to a warm glass of milk. Take this every night at exactly one hour before bedtime.


Treatment with black seed oil for insomnia is very effective but will be permanent if you follow the perquisite instruction before the medication. In summary, before following the dosage above to cure sleeplessness; avoid high sugar intake at night, avoid eating after 7pm at night, create a bedtime routine of sleeping at the same time every night. After doing all these, then take the prescribed dose of this effective herbal oil extract to overcome insomnia.


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