Definitive Guide To Online Therapy

Online Therapy Analyze Here
Online Therapy Analyze Here

If you are thinking about doing therapy online, this article will be very useful. The rules for the performance of psychologists according to the CFP have already undergone some changes in the face of the advancement of digital behavior and also of the pandemic Covid-19. Digital practices are increasingly included in the health field. Analyze here to know more about the online therapy guide

Virtual psychological assistance has been a practice since 2012. The first provider of this service in Brazil was the Psicolink website, which no longer exists. Several sites catalog professionals and allow psychologists and patients to meet safely and efficiently. The secret is to keep an eye on the Psychology Council seal. Every website that offers a safe and reliable service must have the seal that says “Registered Psi”.

There is also the psychologist whose website mediates between him and the patient. In this case, a Google search can result in some indications more compatible with what the patient is looking for, such as “Psychologist in the region of Av. Paulista”, “Psychologist of the psychoanalytic line”, “Psychologist specialized in anxiety”, etc.

Another means that is even common when choosing a professional is an indication. If you know someone who has undergone or is undergoing a therapeutic process, you can ask about the experience that person has had and thus determine whether the choice is right for you.

Advantages of Online Therapy

Advantages of Online Therapy
Advantages of Online Therapy

The main advantage of doing therapy online is mobility: you can take your therapy wherever you go. Some of my patients are constantly traveling for work. With the option of video conferencing, for example, weekly meetings are not compromised and the therapeutic process can develop.


Also, urban mobility is a major problem these days, impassable cities may not give rise to the motivation to seek treatment.

Here Are The Advantages of Online Therapy:

  • Being able to go through the therapeutic process being anywhere in the world
  • Do not need to move if there are health restrictions
  • Do not need to move if the distance to be covered is costly and time-consuming
  • Being able to count on psychological service in your native language even if you live outside the country
  • Still have support in times of social restriction and unexpected events as in the case of the Covid-19 pandemic.

How Does Online Therapy Work?

Virtual assistance is similar to any virtual interaction we have routinely. Whether calling a friend via Skype or exchanging messages via WhatsApp. The difference is that on the other side there is a psi professional willing to assist you.

As with traditional psychological counseling, sessions can take place weekly, at the agreed time. The psychologist and the patient have a set time for the meeting and there is a conversation with a therapeutic objective.

By What Means Can The Online Therapy Session Take Place?

There are some possible ways for psychologist-patient contact in a digital environment. Each of them can reflect on the communication style that the patient seeks.

Some people value the closest contact to reality, as in the case of video conferencing. Others prefer some of the impersonality that the text can give. Possible means are:

  • Via Chat
  • Via Video Conference
  • Via E-mail
  • Via Audio

Does Online Therapy Work?

As in traditional psychotherapy, what matters is the therapeutic bond that is formed throughout the sessions. And knowing that the relationships we live in today exist to a large extent in virtuality, we can say that it is possible to create a therapeutic bond virtually.

It is with this bond that the patient can feel safe to talk about his deep issues, feelings, and desires, whether this bond is virtual or he is experienced in the concreteness of reality.

What Is The Difference Between Face-To-Face And Online Therapy?

There are many questions about the difference between online and face-to-face therapy. Face-to-face therapy is more global so that human contact is perceived by the patient and the psychologist in other ways than just the visual and the auditory. There are messages that the presence communicates.

Online therapy, on the other hand, facilitates the patient’s connection with expert help instantly. Perhaps the lack of physical presence, in this case, is compensated by the immediate presence in time.

How To Find A Psychologist In This Sea of Possibilities?

The internet brings a lot of information today. There is no lack of communication resources, but the opposite is also something that can be just as hopeless: their excess.

Select the therapist you like
Select the therapist you like

Many platforms bring together different professionals, several results on Google, but the therapist that suits you may be lost in this sea of information. So a suggestion is to ask for directions. The therapist of a friend or relative may be the professional you are looking for. Another tip test. Select the therapist you like best and book a first session without obligation.

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