Smart Working of Digital Water Flow Meter

Smart Working of Digital Water Flow Meter

Liquid flow meters have come a long way in accurately getting the flow of a fluid. The digital water flow meter flow meters are water flow meters that show the flow rate of water and other liquids on a digital meter.

Digital flow meters lighten fluids measurement by reducing the error value of the flow rate since the flow rate can be shown in exact units, which at points can be fractions of units.

Those types of units are difficult to show over a regular meter that relies on an analog form.

Digital flow meter, in essence, takes the flow rate data and converts it into easy to read quantities.

Smart Working of Digital Water Flow Meter
Smart Working of Digital Water Flow Meter

Pros of A Digital Flow Meter

  • The meter has high precision and, in most cases, has the least flow rate of less than ⅓ of the old water flow meters.
  • The meters can often take more than one unit at a time hence displaying both LPM and GPM.
  • You can fix it at any angle without altering precision.
  • Long water support button
  • The meter works with most water flow meter tech.
  • They rely on external power sources hence not affected by the stress or heat changes in the fluid.
  • The meters are easy to read, even for the layman.
  • Some meters can use a local power source.
  • Some have a touch display that makes it intuitive and easy to use
  • Some have modular extensions meaning they can be retrofitted with power modules, battery modules, and alarm modules.

Con of The Flow Meter

  • You will need to link it to a power source to offer accurate results
  • They are costly compared to the normal water flow meter.

Types of Digital Flow Meter

There is no single type of digital Liquid flow meter that anyone can use for the home or use at work to get the precise gauges of flow rates for liquids.

There are many standard models that users can pick from for their daily use depending on the fluid type, state of work, and the fluid’s reactivity.

Digital Mass Flow Meters

Mass flow meters are among the most robust flow meters one can get and use in the market.

Mass flow meters use the fluid’s mass to gauge the flow rate rather than the fluid volume; hence they are much more exact than the other flow meters.

Some of the mass flow meters can even be powered by AAA batteries, so a direct power source is not needed to get your digital flow rate reading.

The mass flow meter does not need to be recalibrated for every new liquid for fluids measurement.

There are two popular mass flow meters, the Coriolis flowmeter and the thermal flow meter.

Coriolis Flow Meter

These meters do not use a single frame of reference rather use inertia to get the correct flow rate.

As the fluid flows in an oscillating pipe, it gains internal inertia that causes the pipe to rotate by the Coriolis effect principle.

The inertia leads the pipe to rotate, leading to a measure of the flow rate.

The Coriolis digital mass flow meters are costly but have higher accuracy at taking the flow of liquid in a pipe.

They can detect very low flow rate and high flow rate hence the best choice for accuracy.

Thermal Flow Meters

The thermal flow meter relies on heat’s thermal dispersion properties to gauge the flow rate’s pinpoint accuracy.

The water is heated to a steady heat. The changes in heat can help tell the flow rate. If there is a faster heat change, then the flow rate is high.

Magnetic Digital Flow Meters

These flow meters rely on the magnetic properties of the fluid and Faraday’s law of Electromagnetic induction.

As the water goes into the magnetic field in the fluid meter, it causes an electric charge taken by the flow meter and converted to digital reading.

Gear Digital Flowmeters

This meter has pistons with a specific volume. The flow meter gauges the flow rate by counting the number of cycles the flow meter is filled at a given time and displays the reading on the digital display.

How To Choose The Right Flow Meter

Ensure you know whether you know the flow rate units that are suitable for your use. There are two main units used in the digital flow meters: mass or volume.

It is worth noting that when gauging the flow of compressible fluid, the volumetric flow rate is not as effective as the mass flow rate.

There can be more issues if there are gas bubbles trapped in liquid, leading to more error in the flow rate; removing the bubble can cause some digital ultrasonic meters to fail due to the low Reynolds number.

Examine the fluid properties. Some fluids have a high and low limit on heat, the pressure they operate in, so look for digital flowmeters that are more versatile.

Some fluids can be toxic, so any flow meter that does not intrude into the fluid is a plus.

The next point of worry is where they are going to be installed. While most digital Liquid flow meters can be installed anywhere and work, you should consider the distance to a power source for those flow meters that use the AC power source.

The vibration rates in the area or the magnetic field can affect some flow meters, so a good knowledge of the area is vital.

Final word

Digital Liquid flow meters are the way to go in getting easy to read flow rate gauges.

Luckily one can get a digital flow meter for any of the typical flow meters to improve their flow rate gauging.

It is the measurement of the exact fluid of these meters that put them above the rest.

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