Divya Bharti: The Indian Celebrity Who Died Too Young

Divya Bharti The Indian Celebrity Who Died Too Young All Over India

Divya Bharti, a young celebrity actress who was in a perfect sense a tumbler of forefront of contemporary actresses in Indian cinema and ruled million hearts. Though she acted in films for a miniscule amount of time yet she achieved what no one could achieve in that early age of 19. Born on February 25, 1974 in a typical middle class family in Mumbai (formerly called Bombay), India. She was the second child of her mother Meeta and the fourth of Om Prakash Bharti. Since early childhood Divya was always appreciated for her chubby personality and doll like features. Even her parents were many times inquired, as if she is real or not.

Even though she attended the Maneckji Cooper High School and successfully passed her 9th grade, but she didn’t make up beyond 9th and left her studies amidst when she got an offer for being introduced as a new face in Nandu Tolani’s “Gunahon Ka Devta” but later this role was cancelled. She underwent through troughs and crests at the start of her career as even after getting lessons in acting and dance for a lead role in Kirti Kumar’s “Radha ka Sangam”, she was renounced later and the same role went to another young actress Juhi Chawla who acted opposite lead star Govinda in that film. The reason was Divya’s childish nature and involvement with friends in her adolescence and Kumar’s disposition over Divya. But this very childish nature became the key ingredient for her success and fame among her fans and to a great extent helped her in establishing subsistence in the Hindi as well as Telugu Film industry.

Her career was stagnant till D. Ramanaidu offered her a role for his much anticipated film Bobbili Raja. She was not expecting much from this film due to past experiences of getting debarred prior to even starting her Bollywood career. She, however, tried to comply with every requirement of that role and to her amazement the 1990 summer release became a massive hit in no time. Even to this day, Bobbili Raja is the most apprehended Telugu feature film.

With back to back hits in south cinema, Divya reached at the spire of stardom and ranked next to the then leading south Indian actress Vijayshanti. She acted in many films and almost all came out to be colossal hits of that time. Rowdy Alludu starring Chiranjeevi and Assembly Rowdy starring Mohan Babu are the most appreciated Telugu hits of Divya Bharti. The great success and fan following accredited her as Divya Bharathi in south India.

At the time Divya was busy in establishing her presence in Telugu cinema; top Bollywood directors were keen to sign her for their forthcoming films. She was offered the lead role in thriller Vishwatma (1992) to kick start her film career in Bollywood. However the release of this film was an average grosser but Divya’s acting was appreciated both by the viewers and the critics. The song “Saat Samundar Paar” was on the lips of moviegoers at that time and was the limelight of film. This became a favorite song of many and Divya gained popularity in Bollywood at ease through this song. The series of hit films started after she was featured in David Dhawan directed Shola Aur Shabnam. This film also proved as a career booster for both David and Govinda and helped in establishing their careers.

Despite of a well established star status, she behaved like an innocent child and never left a chance to play witty pranks with the co-stars. She was even unresistant in dancing freely on the sets.

This young beauty was falsely associated with various personalities and actors of the film industry; and after she turned 18, readily tied a knot with Sajid Nadiadwala, a prominent film producer of that time. For a certain period of time, their marriage was undisclosed due to some social and family reasons. Divya had changed her name to Sanah for the family approval, but kept Divya Bharti as her film name till her death. But the acceptance of Islam was never confirmed either by Nadiadwala or Bharti’s kin.

Turning to stardom overnight and becoming the hottest celebrity, she stamped over a record of signing as much as fourteen movies in a row in a short span of only one year. It is an un-achievable count and no Indian actress has surpassed it till today.

She was widely appraised for her acting in romantic drama “Deewana”, which is really unforgettable, unforgettable. For this film, she bagged Best Female Debutant Filmfare Award in year 1993.

Divya was at the top of the acting world when her fate took an unexpected turn. She left her fans in a total confusion on 5 April 1993 when she fell off the balcony of her five story apartment in Mumbai. Some say she was in a drunken state and fell after losing balance. But some others advocate for a murder plot due to the circumstantial positioning of the balcony, window and the angle of fall. A media hype erupted over the cause of her death, the real cause of that accident cum speculation is yet unknown. The police investigation underwent for a decade, but the case was finally closed in sight of lack of sufficient evidences. The tale of the controversial dismissal of Divya Bharti ended in 2003.

That time was a sorrowful end of her bright acting career and her life. But, the string of her hit films is endless and even continued after her unexpected death. Though Kshatriya was her last lifetime movie, the movies that were released as well appreciated even after her demise were Rang, Shatranj and Tholi Muddhu (Telugu).

Her presence on the screen always enticed the movie goers and sparkled at every place she was seen out. Youth all across the country were dazzled with her contagious smile and sizzled through their hearts with her gracious outlook.

Divya Bharti will always be considered a sizzling diva whose life ended with a controversial and mysterious death trail. She not only achieved great success through her acting, also she was and still is the queen of million Indian hearts.