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It is country’s smallest state by area as well as the fourth smallest as per population.  Its location is worth mentioning as it is located in Konkan region of West India.  On its western coast lies Arabian Sea while Karnataka covers the east and the west boundary and Maharashtra on the north. Eleventh Finance Commission declared it the best placed state as well as, National Commission on Population ranked it the finest, from the point of view of quality of life as per various aspects. Capital of the Goa is Panaji, though biggest city is Vasco Di Gama.

Trances of Anglo-Indian culture can be experienced here even today.  What attract millions of tourists to this place are its funfilled Goa beaches. Picturesque natural beauty and old architectural temples and big parties are talk of the town. Crystal clear water of the Sea refreshes tourists fully.  The place has mouth watering cuisines along with rave night parties as main attractions of the place.

Candolim Beach: Along coastline of the Arabian Sea lies Candolim Beach which starts at Fort Aquada and finishes at Chapora Beach.  This place also has significance due to its relevance with Abba Faria who is a famous Goa freedom fighter and father of hypnotism. Scrub covered dunes fascinates the tourists from all over the country and abroad.  For sports lovers too, the place offers variety of water sport activities like water-sting, fishing and parasailing.  For peace lovers, this place provide perfect quaint and serene environment where they can enjoy Yoga and Meditation too.  Exciting and thrilling excursion are also provided wherein one can enjoy the beauty and can click some unforgettable moments.

Apart from beach, tourist can also have view of Aquda Fort which was built around 1912 by Portuguese for protection against Dutch and Maratha Invaders.  There are many facilities of resorts, villas and guests houses to facilitate the environment stay of tourist there.

How to reach: There are many buses available from Mapusa and Calagute.  Apart from this, airport at Dabolim provides air connectivity too.

Miramar Beach: The beach is fondly called “Gasper Dias” which is situated just 3 Km from Panjim, the Capital city of Goa.  It is located on the way of Dona Paula.  Its color is golden surrounded by palm trees.  Meaning of Miramar in Portuguese is viewing the Sea.  It is the place where tourists can enjoy the sight of Arabian Sea.  It is said that silver colored sand beds sparkle in the moon light and give fascinating view.  If we visit this place between November and March, we can have glimpse of beautiful migratory birds like gulls and plovers.  The place provides many resorts and accommodation to comfortable stay tourists can enjoy shopping as well.

Majorda Beach: It is one of the most visited beaches of Goa.  Being very near (18 km) from Dabolin Airport, it always remains flooded with tourists.  There are many modes of transport available from Margao making it easily accessible.  According to legends, Lord Rama was abducted in his childhood and brought here.  According to another view, he visited this beach in search of his wife Sita. Tourists can relish many mouth watering delicacies here like sea food, steaks, schezhuan specialties of Marijorda.  Comfortable and luxury accommodation are also available for the tourists.  Chrisman Carnival during winter season is the major attraction of this place. Margao railway station is the very near to it.

Arjuna Beach: It is 30 km extended beach coastline along the wits coast of Goa by the Arabian Sea.  It is a small hamlet situated between a Hill and the Arabian Sea. Picturesque beauty and a while soft sand fascinates the tourists the most. Arjuna Beach is also popular for being a hub of rave parties with trance music which were held by Hippies.  Nowadays, these kinds of parties have become key features of Goa beaches.  Full moon parties are also enjoyed by tourists, usually organized during Christmas occasion.

Beach is accompanied by another tourist attraction and that is Chapora Fort.  The ‘Albuquer Mansion’ is also worth visiting place.  Tourists take full enjoyment of Sun bath of Sea beach.

Best time to visit:  A large crowd tourist makes bee line at sea beach between November and March.  During Christmas and on New Year eve, many beach parties are held.  Famous eateries at this place are like German Bakery, White Negra, Martha’s breakfast and many more.

How to reach here: The nearest Airport at Dabolin is only 29 km away from Panji. Numerous buses are available to ferry tourists for Arjuna village from Mapusa.

Varca Beach: Situated are just 2 km from Benaulim, it is one of the most visited and appreciated beach in Goa.  Famous for its cleanliness and solitude, it provides excellent ambience to tourist to enjoy tranquility and place away from maddening crowd.  Peculiarity of this beach is that one can take enjoy rides of wooden boats of fishermen.  Mouth watering sea food and Goa Cuisines can make your trip a memorable one.

Nearest railway station is Margao and airport is Dabolin which are also well connected with numerous modes of transport.

Sinquerim Beach: This beach is popularly known for its exquisite beauty and tranquility.  It is situated at a distance of 13 km from Panji, Capital city of Goa.  It is a stretch of terrain that runs along the coast.  Smooth and tickling sand at beach provide solace to the visitors.  It is also one of the protected beaches of Goa.  There lies an old fort of Aquada which was built by Portuguese during early 17th century in order to protect themselves from intruders who might have attacked them through River Mandovi.

Vagator Beach:  In Goa, if you want to enjoy complete privacy and love to spend time with yourself, Vagator Beach provides you excellent ambience.  It is only 22 km from Panaji.  The place is definitely less crowded and a bit more tranquil.  Tourists can enjoy white sand and beautiful coconut and palm trees.  Along with it, stands 500 years old fort called Chapora Fort which reminds us about Old Portuguese era and their trances.  As it is less crowded though, full of natural beauty, the place offers less accommodations and eateries as compared to other famous beaches.

Immaculate conception church and Reis Magos Fort believed to be built in 1541 and then renovated in 1619, our lady of Immaculate Conception Church is as beautiful as old, Reis Magos Fort is has uniqueness due to its laterite walls embedded with specific Portuguese turrets which was constructed in 1551 to defend the bottle neck entrance to Mandovi estuary.  It is situated on the right bank of river Mandovi in the vicinity of Bardez.  It went through various modifications and renovations and after enlargement; it was re-erected once again in 1707.

It used to be a home for viceroys and converted into a fortress later on.  British army also overpowered it for a short while but later on it is only used as a prison till now.

Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary: Nestled amidst north eastern part of city, Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary is situated in a small hamlet named Bondla.  Though it is spread over the area of just 8 km, still Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary has beautiful forests and lush green vegetation.  It also houses variety of wild animals and birds.  Main occupants of the sanctuary are panthers, crocodiles, snakes, rare Asiatic lions and many more.  In birds one can witness beautiful birds like Kingfishers, Woodpeckers, Yellow Bulbul and many more.  Apart from these, it exhibits many books, and video which proves informative for visitors.

Baga Beaches: It is also one of much visited and popular beaches of Goa. It  is popular for exotic beauty and luxurious hotels sand of beach is of pink color white sunset and sunrise can be best enjoy in cool and calm environment of sea beach here.  Tourists enjoy themselves in leisurely activities like sun bathing, taking a stroll.

Arvalem Caves: It is the most visited place in Goa.  A beautiful spurt of water rolling down the rocky mountain is as fascinating as other beaches.  Fondly, this is also called Harvalem waterfalls, situated at a distance of 9 km from Bicholim, North Goa, beauty of the fall is that it fall from the height of 70 meters, making it a picture perfect view.  Its beauty is at its peak after rainfall.  It make river at the bottom providing excellent place for swimmers.  The place is full of greenery and fruit laden trees.  There is a park nearby for the tourists to take rest and view the charismatic beauty of falls.  It is also sought after site for film makers due to its historic touch due to its rock cut caves.

How to reach: Buses ply frequently from Mapusa and Panaji to Arvalem.

Churches in Goa: Churches in Old Goa were constructed during 15th century by Bijaur sultanate.  They have great historical significance and have been labeled by UNESCO as a world heritage site.  There are traces of Portuguese rule in the area.  Famous among them are Basilica of Bom Jesus, Rosary and many more.  Architectural designing and woodwork done on the beautifully designed doors are legacy of their culture and social life. They have educational and informative value for tourists and history lovers.  They remain open for tourists.

Aquada Fort: Goa history is evident through Aquada Fort which stands still till now.  It was constructed in 1612 by the Portuguese to defend themselves from Marathas and Dutch.  It is also accompanied by a fresh water spring which quenches the thirst of visitors.

Chapoli Dam: it is located in the lap of valley and being surrounded by hills, provides breath taking beauty.  Recreational activities like fishing can be enjoyed at this spot.

Mangeshi Temple:  This temple is dedicated to Lord Mangueshi, an incarnation of Lord Shiva.  Its architecture is an amalgam of modern and old Hindu Style.

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