Hamirpur Is District Head Quarters of District Hamirpur In Himachal Pradesh


Hamirpur is district headquarters of district Hamirpur. It is situated at an altitude of 785 meters and at lower elevations. It was carved out in 1972 from Kangra when Himachal Pradesh was reorganized. It has deep roots in Katoch dynasty.

This place is partly plain and partly low hill. Climate also resembles to the Punjab and Kangra. It is the smallest districts and has the privilege of having the highest literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh. It is also famous for having highest number of roads.

District Hamirpur is also proud of having many martyrs from the land and many more serve motherland from this state. Since ancient time, people of this area have reputation of bravery and courage.

Veerbhumi is the title given to Hamirpur,  just due to the courageous and brave sons it has, though other places of Himachal are known as” Dev Bhumi”.

Place derived its name from Raja Hamir Chand who ruled the place during Katoch dynasty. The famous fort at Hamirpur was also built by him. It is not “hilly chilly” like other states of Himachal.

This place has both historical and religious significance. Forests are abundant in flora and fauna.  Ravi and Sutlej are two main rivers flowing here. The place also got recognition as it houses the renowned national Institute of Technology.

Main Attractions:

Baba Balak Nath or Sidh Baba balak Nath:  Located at the boarder of of Bilaspur and hamirpur and 30 km from Hamirpur, is a holy shrine where abode of Baba is in the form of a natural cave. It is located at top of a secluded hill. It is also called “Deotsidh” .Devotees worship an idol of Baba placed inside the hill.

Entry to ladies and children is prohibited due to some religious reasons. But, they can do “Darshan” from a raised platform just in front of the cave. To get “Darshan” of Babaji, one has to climb up hundreds of steps up the hill. Devotees consider Sunday as Babaji’s day and due this reason, the place remains thronged with lakhs of devotees who wait for many hours to get blessings of Babaji.

Shah Talai: It is a religious place where Bab Balak Nath is believed to practice penance and meditation for many years. According to mythology he served Mata Ratno by grazing her cattle. Told peoplehere have been many anecdotes of Babaji as told by people.

Sujanpur Tira: This place was capital of ancient Katoch dynasty and founded by Rajaj Abhay Chand. The place is most visited in the area, as it has many holy temples apart from palaces erected by Raja  Sansar Chand.

He was considered the founder of this famous place. There are some historical forts ofeten visited by tourists. Some of the famous temples are Murli Manohar temple, Narbadeshwar temple and Gauri Shankar Temple. The place also attracts sports lovers as it is a perfect place for trekking, paragliding and angling and rafting.

Nadaun:  Situated on the bank of River Beas, this place has historical significance as it was a princely state of Raja Jodhbir Son of Sansar Chand. It lies between Hamirpur and JawalmukhiI .An old Shiva temple and view from a bridge over Beas River are fascinating attractions. The place is amidst pine forests.

How to reach: The place is accessible from Shimla, Pathankot and Chandigarh by road and nearest Airport is Gaggal. The nearest broad gauge railway line is Amb (una).

Hamirpur is District Head Quarters of District Hamirpur

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