Himachal Pradesh Which Shares its Boundary With Tibet


It is the second least populous district of Himachal Pradesh. It is situated at north-Eastern Part of Himachal Pradesh which shares its boundary with Tibet. Zanskar Mountains serve as a frontier between Kinnaur and Tibet. People here have strong beliefs, culture, customs and heritage and follow either Hinduism or Buddhism. It is a kind of tribal area. Mainly, it is known for Kinnaur Kailash a sacred mountain to Hindus. Altitude of the mountains here ranges from 2,320 to 6,816 meters. Surprisingly, Kinnaurs exhibit a considerable territorial and ethnic diversity. Due to high elevation, kinnaurs have long winters and short summers. It bears close resemblance to Tibet. People of both religions have well tolerated and adopted each other’s religion as in many temples; idols of both religions are worshipped side by side. Its culture and belief system varies a lot from rest of the state. It is 250 km from Shimla. Upper area of the district does not get showers of rain but lower area gets rain. The place is renowned for its woolen shawls, caps and shoes. The place is also hub of dry fruits.

Religion:  People of lower Kinnaur are mostly Hindus and worship Durga, Uhsa, Vishnu,Badrinath and Bhimkali. Whereas, people of Middle kinnaur are Budhhist as well as Hinduism.  Inhabitants of upper Kinnaurs are mostly Buddist.

Tourism in kinnaur:

Sangla: It is an important and thickly populated village in Vaspa valley, on the bank of Baspa River. The place is also important as it the very place where Raja in ancient time used to be crowned. It has spell bound beauty, due to its fascinating meadows and rushing water of Baspa river. Just 2 km from Sangla, lays legendary fort of Kamru. Sangla valley is 17 km from Kancham.  While on journey from Kancham to Sangla Valley, one can enjoy picturesque beauty of mountains and natural scenery and flow of Baspa river. This is the most visited and the most attractive valley in Kinnaur as terrains are flat and greenery on slops which are not so steep.

Pooh: It is a Tehsil headquarter and known for apricots, almonds and grapes orchards.

Kalpa:  Situated at summit of sacred Kinner Kailash Mountain, Kalpa is a small town but carries great importance. It is situated at an altitude of 19965 feet. The place remains surrounded with snow covered mountains for almost whole year. It is 240 km from Shimla and connected with a motorable road. A very big hydro electric power station is also situated here. It is also approachable from Ambala also. The place was also favorite destination of Lord Dalhousie who used to visit the place in leisure time. It is believed to be abode of Lord Shiva. A famous holy pond called Parvati Kund is also situated at the top of the mountain. It is said that mountain changes its color according to the weather conditions.

Recong Peo:  It is present headquarter of district Kinnaur.

Chango: Chango is collective name given to four small villages in Pargna Shuwa, sub Tehsil Hangrang , on the bank of River Spiti. Main religion adopted by habitants of the area is Buddhism but some Hindu temples are also situated here.

Chhitkul: Situated on the right bank of River Baspa, this is the highest and the last village in Baspa valley. There are three famous temples of local goddess.

Kothi: In Tehsil Kalpa, this ancient and large village has beautiful fields of fruit trees. It is overshadowed by Kinner Kailash peak. It also has temple of Shuwang Chandika which is worshiped by inhabitants with great reverence.

Lippa: It is a small village situated on the bank of Taiti stream. Grass of this village is believed to be nourishing for cattle. Temples of both religion, Hindu and Buddha are worshipped here.

Moorang: This beautiful village is located 39 km away from Kalpa and surrounded by superior mountains except one side where Satluj flows. On the bank of this river, an age old fort stands with dignity and believed to be built by Pandavas.

Ribba:  Situated at a distance of 14 km from Moorang, Ribba is famous for grapes and grapes wine. The place is also known to grow edible pines. Angoori is famous vine made from grapes, of the village.

Access: The place is best accessible by road as it is well connected with road. Nearest airport is Jubbal Hatti at a distance of 244 km.The nearest narrow gauge railway line is Shimla.

Title: Himachal Pradesh Which Shares its Boundary With Tibet

Keywords: Sangla, Pooh, Kalpa, Chango, Chhitkul, Kothi, Lippa, Moorang