How To Choose A Bridal Makeup Artist For Your D-Day?


The day of the wedding is special in the life of the bride. Several factors combine to make the day a memorable one, and it involves a great deal of planning. From the choice of clothes; shoes and other accessories; you have to be at your creative best to get the stuff that will make your day memorable.

After the best of the materials that you will put on the day; the last thing that you are going to think about is choosing the bridal makeup artist. Getting the best on offer will not be as easy as brides think. You need the artist who will enhance your looks to fit into the background of the accessories that you are going to wear on your special day. The following tips will be of valuable help:

How Do You Want to Look?

This is the first thing that you should get straight before you step out. It is the foundational step that you need to take before you go about choosing one among the numerous online offers.

Ask yourself:

  • Do you desire a soft buff look?
  • Are you in support of a bright shining look?
  • Do you want a blend of colours?
  • Do you desire glittery, smokey-eyed looks?
  • Are you a fan of subtle makeup?

Find out the colour that you want to appear in; this will help while meeting the artist. You have to bring in your inputs before the makeup artist takes charge of proceedings. This is one factor that most brides lose out on and the primary reason why they are not able to look at the creative best.

Carry Out A Research

If you are not sure of the style that you wanted to appear in; you have to carry out research online before you decide on the possible line of action. Go online to look at the creative looks that are on offer. You have to expose yourself to as much inspiration as possible if you want to get the best.

You can take any of the following measures to get the inspiration that call for cheer on your wedding day:

  • Explore the options at Pinterest
  • Take a look at celebrity makeup styles from the red carpet

There are several online sources that you can look at, which will help you get the inspiration that you needed to get the best results. If you are serious about getting the makeup that will make you look unique, then you have to play your part by knowing what you want.

Now that you have an idea of how you want to look on your special day; you can now go online in search of the artist that you think can enhance the exact look that you wanted on your special day.

Here again, you have a role to play. Browse through the internet page of the makeup artist or a bridal makeup salon to be sure that the capacity to deliver what you have in mind is there. When you have decided on the best fit among the available options; you can now take it to the next level.

The Make-Up Trial

You do not have the perfect idea until you undergo a makeup trial of the costume you want to wear at your wedding. Though it might cost you extra; you must take it up to the realm of the practice to have a feel of how you are going to look.

There are even worse scenarios of brides that end up cancelling their choice of looks after undergoing a trial. It will be terrible if you realize your choice of makeup doesn’t suit you at the neck of the moment. If you are not happy with the trial, it will be easy to look for other options with the professional input of your chosen artist.

Pick Someone You Can Easily Get Along With

The last person that you are going to be with, in the final hours as a spinster is your makeup artist. Brides do not find this particular moment funny. It is always a tensed-up moment, and you are going to do yourself a lot of good if you choose someone that you can easily flow along with among the online options. If you get it right here; it will definitely help you bring down a lot of unwanted tension. You need someone that will give you a broad shoulder to lean on.

The Temperament of the artist matters

If you want to get the best on offer among the option online; your decision should not be based solely on the professional competence of the artist. Make a list of the best options that are available; then go through their temperament levels and choose the one that has a low temperament. You should be in the company of the artist that is level headed and calm your nerves.


Getting the best option that will serve your purpose among the makeup artists online is never a stroll in the park. You have to play your part before you can get the best results that you are entitled to.


Kiran Kumar is one of the well-known bridal makeup artists in Chennai. Apart from building innovative looks and styles, she is an avid blogger as well Kiran blogs about some of the interesting tips, tricks and hacks that are trending in the land of bridal makeup.


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