How to Find Prospect In Network Marketing Proven Methods

How to Find Prospect In Network Marketing
How to Find Prospect In Network Marketing

When joining network marketing, the biggest fear is how to approach people, how to approach quality people in network marketing. This is going to be the secrets of Network Marketing that I am going to share with you.

Proven Methods
Proven Methods

Sometimes some people will directly reply to you that “I don’t know anyone”. These are the biggest lies. They can never be possible. They think, if they had more people if they knew more people, they would I would have been successful in the network marketing business.

network marketing business
network marketing business

And if they don’t know many people, then they have no chance. And if they don’t know many people, then they have no chance to be successful in this business.

This may be logical, but they are not true at all.

You have to face 3 types of people in network marketing. You can recognize these types of people through their body language well. Posers, Amateurs, and Professionals will meet such people.

When you try to find people, in it you will find some types of posers, some amateurs, and some professionals.

People of the Posers type will make a list in such a way that some 3, 4, and five people will be such that they feel that they will join their business immediately and their entire future business will be distributed on those 4 to 5 people.

entire future business
entire future business

If they are lucky, they get some prospects from them, then they can extend the life of their career for a short time. who knows, they make a list of some 4-5 mental people.

And suddenly, he drops the rank of posers and increases his rank of amateurs. And let me tell you that you will be surprised upon hearing that 80% of the people who join the network marketing business, who make the task of list building, adopt posers type of approach. It’s true!

Out of 10, there will be 4 people who will be building the list keeping posers mentality. They will make a small list and sit with lots of expectations. Those people will never work to increase their skills.

Your work will remain here, you make sure that you are not from these, and you work to develop your team. The only solution is to educate them and help them understand how powerful these opportunities are.

For those who are of posers type, only luck can work for them. It was an intimidating task.

The second group will be of amateurs, instead of making a small list on it now, those people will make a Written List, which in reality is the right way.

making a small list

Let’s talk about taking an example, they have a list of 100 prospects, seeing that they will not be able to emerge from the actual excitement but there will be no skill in them.

They will start to approach the prospect and gradually their prospect list will also end. As their prospect list gets exhausted, the same way their anxiety level will keep increasing.

The biggest fear in this task is how to talk to people.

I know it was fear after all. When I was 20 years old, my list was not so big and it was not so effective. In the initial days, I used to use my parents’ contacts, but they could not last for long.

And then soon everyone came to know what I do and they had made Mindset tell me no.

I was feeling that if I did not get some good people from my prospect list and did not join, then I would fail in this business.

I never knew this, to find the prospect and join the business.

The Third Group Will Be of Professionals

When I came to know that in this business we will have to work as a professional only then we will be able to become successful.

After that, I start the study of the people who are running a successful organization.

I learned how to talk to professional people with prospects. These are his core skills.

It is the job of professional people to meet new people and talk to them. They never believe in luck, they don’t worry if their prospect list gets exhausted.

the job of professional people
the job of professional people

This is skill work. Only those with skills can do this. Till this point, I was always looking at my list like a money tree. If you have good prospect lists, then you will be successful in this business and if you do not, your good luck will work otherwise you will fail.

They develop skills in such a way that this situation never comes with them. Professionals make their lists in starting. After that, they keep the same commitment that their list should never end.

In that list, they daily meet new people, add their names, making such a list is called “Active Candidate List”. We can create an “Active candidate list” minimum of 200 people every month so that the business will get a lack of prospects.

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