Information About India Infrastructure and Companies Development.

information about india

India is a largest country in the whole world and in the side of Asia. All over India population are 125 corers and 65% populations are under 35 years. Indian infrastructures are going to develop with advanced technology made by Indian companies and other countries. Today’s Indian Modi government is very creative and deciding everything possible and favorable ways for growing Indian economy.

Top Indian companies are involving financial support in government schemes. Last few months Indian government has declared the mega concept “Make in India” and under this concept all Indian small and big companies owners are investing possible amount. I think all Indian peoples are known well how to work in the coming time “Make in India” concept. When PM Modi launched “Make in India” concept that time to visiting in the world top countries and doing “Make in India Marketing” and is this concept has started to work on many projects. Already PM Modi has requested to other countries biggest businessman to invest your money in India and grownup your business in across the world.

The Indian states are 32 and all states are going to focus on development sector. 7 State and union territories are not included in 32 states. Currently done election in 2014 BJP party has collected large votes through Indian peoples and BJP right now single largest party in India.

The Indian capital is Delhi and economy state is Mumbai. The Indian dialing code is +91 for international calls. If we are talking about Indian local languages then Indian peoples are spoken 780 languages last 50 years but Hindi is our main language and most of peoples are speaking Hindi language but in the business segment and professional peoples are interested to talk in English. The Punjabi language and Haryanvi languages are very famous in north India. Gujarat also is very popular in Gujarat and lot of movies are making in Guajarati language. South Indian peoples are spoken only English in the business sector and some of peoples are spoken in local kand, Tamil, Marathi etc.