Jai Shri Krishan Light, Tent & Caterer Services At Bani, Mehre Barsar


Tent Facilities: Simple Tent & VIP tent available, chunni tent, Gazebo tent, Marriage Stage, Bedding Capacity 1000 Person.

Our Capacity: 4 To 5 Marriage & Function Handling Capacity.

Chair Capacity: 5000 Simple chair, 1000 VIP chair, VIP sofa Set

Matting: Red Matting, Green Matting, Flower Matting

Catering: Full Management for any marriage, function, party with water services

Hi-Fi DJ Facilities

Book Gitta Palace Mehre for any marriage, function & party

Our Background is from last 25 years in this field.

Contact Person: Rajeev Kumar (Sanju)

Address: Jai Shri Krishan Light & Tent Bani VPO Bani, Tehsil, Brasar, Distt Hamirpur

Mobile Number:

Call: 88949-87569

Call: 98172-73660


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