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Muzzafarnagar, 17th July, 2018:Our spines are the pillars of our body and any discrepancy in its functionality may hamper our health in a huge way. The biggest concern is that more than half of the people with spinal injuries are unaware of the complexity of the condition and various treatment options’ said Dr. Pramod Saini, Consultant Spine Specialist, Jaypee Hospital, Noida at a press conference on Tuesday, in Muzzafarnagar.

#A Multi Super-Specialty Hospital Based In Noida

The conference, conducted by Jaypee Hospital, a multi super-specialty hospital based in Noida sector-128, was organised with an aim to build awareness and educate the public-at-large of the growing cases of spinal problems like Slip disc, Sciatica & deformities, its causes, prevention and various treatment options.

In line with offering paramount patient care, Dr. Pramod Saini, Spine Surgeon, Orthopedics Department of Jaypee Hospital, Noida with his team once again displayed an exemplary skills and expertise in treating patients suffering from extreme back pain and spinal disorders.

#State-of-The-Art Healthcare Solutions

Keeping a patient’s needs at the center of every clinical and operational decision, Jaypee Hospital has been taking a long and hard look to delivery state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to the patients they serve around the country.

Explaining about the causes of spinal disorder, Dr. Saini said, “Most common spinal disorders include lower back pain, neck pain, scoliosis and disc ailments. Aging, improper body mechanics, trauma and structural abnormalities can injure your spine, leading to back pain and other symptoms such as numbness or even weakness in the legs.

Spinal pain and disability can have a profound effect on the overall health and physical routine of the patient, adversely impacting the personal and professional life of the patient. Also, back and neck pain is one of the most common reasons for workplace sick leave.’

Setting perfect paradigm for quality treatment was the case of Avnish Yadav a 55 year old man from Muzzafarnagar who underwent spinal surgery at the Jaypee Hospital, Noida. The patient was suffering from slip disc since 1992. Few months back the patient experienced an extreme pain in his leg which made standing and walking impossible.

#Dr. Saini at Jaypee Hospital and Was Successfully Operated

His MRI showed Large dslip disc compressing the nerves. With best of the medical professionals and knowledge, he underwent a spine surgery led by Dr. Saini at Jaypee Hospital and was successfully operated and discharged in healthy condition.

Witnessing another case of serving a patient in pain and in search of right treatment was of Sarfraz, a 45 year old man from Bijnor. He was suffering from an extreme back pain for last one year and over the period started experiencing continuous fever, chills, headache and stiffness in movement of neck.

Since he never got his condition diagnosed, his condition deteriorated to an extent where performing his normal everyday activities like sitting, standing, bending and sleeping also became a challenge for him. It was until he visited Jaypee Hospital and was diagnosed with spinal infection where the vertebral bones in the spine get infected due to ubercular or Bacterial infection.

#Doctors and Treatment

Post examining patient’s condition, Dr. Saini recommended him for a spinal surgery. With the team of finest doctors and treatment, the patient was successfully operated and within few weeks he resumed his job.

“Early diagnosis is the first step towards disease management. Thus, it’s important to spread awareness amongst the populace about critical of untreated back pain which can cause severe spinal deformities. In some cases, the condition is also treated via surgical process and Jaypee Hospital provides best of medical services for the early diagnosis of spinal abnormalities, treatment options, surgeries and follow-up- all under one roof.” adds Dr. Saini.

#Visiting The Jaypee Hospital

Recently, a 35 years old woman, Shahzadi from Muzzafarnagar district visited Jaypee Hospital, Noida. The patient had severe back pain and even a slightest movement while sitting, standing or sleeping could worsen her situation. Before visiting the Jaypee Hospital, she went to many other local hospitals but there was no improvement in her condition.

Later, she was recommended a MRI test and reports highlighted her was the case of slip disc. Without any second thought, she visited Jaypee Hospital, Noida where with the team of prominent doctors on her side, she was operated with Microelectronics surgery. The surgery was successfully performed and now, the patient is living her pain free life. 

As a responsible healthcare paragon, Jaypee Hospital inducted the facility to bring finest range of healthcare services meeting current need of the patients. With finest equipment, modern medical technology combined with experienced team of specialized medical professionals, Jaypee Hospital is committed towards providing world class treatment.

#About Jaypee Hospital:

Jaypee Hospital, spread over an area of 72,000 square meters is a major unit of the Jaypee Group. The hospital’s plan has been designed to accommodate tertiary care specialty facility with 1200 beds. Currently, it is being successfully managed with 525 beds in its first phase.

Jaypee Hospital is a super-specialty hospital with modern and advanced healthcare services, clinical services and modern facilities that provide specialized services to meet the needs of the general public.

The hospital’s plans, design and construction makes it one of the few India’s GOLD LEED Certified Hospital Buildings. Besides the architectural elevation, the Jaypee Hospital is highly respected for the world renowned doctors associated with them.

For more information, visit- http://www.jaypeehealthcare.com/  

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Mr. Mayank Kanwar/ +91 7042395039/ mayank.kanwar@jalindia.co.in


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