Loom Solar: Start-Up Aiming To Turn India Into A Solar Hub

start-up by the government of India, Ministry of commerce and Industry.

In the era of technology, every business joins the revolution to digitalize their business to gain maximum attention of people through technology revolution. Same is happening in the field of solar energy and this time, Loom Solar came up with their very own e-commerce solar brands platform.

Loom Solar came up with their very own e-commerce solar brands platform
Loom Solar Came Up With Their Very Own E-Commerce Solar Brands Platform

Loom Solar Private Limited is an e-solar company based out of Faridabad, Haryana in India that I have found very interesting. Company is making great efforts to increase the awareness of people into the solar energy and for this; It is very well focused to educate people about solar energy. Loom Solar is not just informing people; but it is helping people to take wise decisions while planning to install the solar products.

In August- 2018, Loom Solar is recognized as a start-up by the government of India, Ministry of commerce and Industry.

The company is aimed to turn India into a solar hub and they believe in “Bijli banao, paisa kamao”.

Why Loom Solar Started?

The main reason behind starting Loom Solar Private Limited is to help people getting the latest solar products at lowest prices. Nowadays, we can buy electronics products easily from a local shop in our neighbourhood. But solar products are not that much easily available in India and Loom Solar wants to make the solar products online available in India.

The company has been started the operations in the Year of 2018 and very soon the company became India’s top solar energy ecommerce company. The company is providing the latest solar products at very lowest prices along with the installations across India.

Also, in the digital era, many times we have to face the power cut issues due to high demand of energy. To sort such scenarios, these solar panels can be a big relief and give us great amount of electricity. By doing this, we are helping people to use energy 24×7 without costing a single penny; and we don’t want people to run out of energy or electricity.

Solar Industry in India, 2018

Two months back, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India had achieved 100 percent electrification.        

Solar industry is playing a great role in making the electricity for the betterment of the electrification in India. Solar industry provided the great amount of electricity in India.

Loom Solar is working in residential and commercial spaces. Through this, one can generate great amount of electricity to cut the burden of making electricity through traditional resources. It is helping people to make clean and natural electricity in their office or residence through their solar products.

How Loom Solar Works

Loom Solar is driving customers through digital medium, such as Google, YouTube, Social Media, Classifieds, Affiliate Partners, Coupon Sites, News, etc. Below are the major steps to about how does Loom Solar Work?

  1. Customers are looking for information about solar product online
  2. Customers are brought on loomsolar.com through various marketing and Branding initiatives
  3. Brands are made visible by listing the product on the platform
  4. Customer paid the amount and booked the product with unique order ID
  5. Loom Solar will align the delivery with Brand trusted channel partner
  6. The price agreed for delivery will be transferred to brand trusted channel partner every Saturday

The Face Behind The Start-Up

Loom Solar is started by the Mr. Amol Anand who was working in Luminous as an Assistant General Manager – Product Marketing. He was managing the product management of the products such as Inverter, battery and Solar with business revenue of 2400 Crs. All these skills, learning, and experience helped him to found a great start-up with a mission to provide the best solar products to the people of India in lowest price. 

The face behind the start-up

Company is a start-up and have a team of more than 20 professionals from various verticals. All of the team members are very supportive and dedicated towards their works; and we can see the results of their efforts clearly.

Loom Solar Mission and Vision      

Loom Solar Mission and Vision      

Loom Solar is aimed to reach 1 million customers by 2020 as well as want to be the number 1 solar company in India.

Through this article, we wanted to educate you about what Loom Solar is doing towards the improvement of electrification in India. Also, what steps they are taking to encourage people to adopt the solar products.

Share your views upon it or if you have any queries, questions, or doubts, feel free to let us know in the comments below or reach to us at hello@loomsolar.com, we would be happy to help you further.

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