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Welcome to the All Over India web portal. Before you fill this form below, it is important to state that through this form of All Over India web portal, you can create a digital advertisement of your business, which will be valid till 2044. All over India has been doing this work since May 2018, which we started from Himachal Pradesh’s District Bilaspur and the goal is to provide the benefit of this service in all the districts of Himachal Pradesh for which our team is working.

All Over India Web Portal is also starting this service in other states of India, but for this only the selected states will be included by All Over India Web Portal in any other state after Himachal Pradesh. The name of the state will be updated.

Names of the states of India which come under the service of Digital Advertisement by All Over India:

1. Himachal Pradesh
2. -All-Over-India-Market-

Before filling this form, gather all the types of information as per the requirement only then fill this form.

Guidelines for filling the form:

A. Here you have to fill your first and last name.
B. You have to fill your Email Account, whose password you need to know.
C. You have to fill your business phone number or mobile number.
D. You have to fill your business address but you must be from Himachal Pradesh.
E. You have to write the name of your business.
F. You have to write about your business. You can be any type of business like Shop, Showroom, Medical Store, Clinic, Private Hospital, Industry, Self Work Etc.
G. You have to attach 7 photos of your business, first photo must be Owner’s Counter or Office whose size should be 700 * 525 Pxl and other 6 photos should be 330 * 247 Pxl size, you can take this photo from your mobile |
H. In the last phase, you will get 365 Rs. Payment of online will have to be made online so that the digital advertisement of your business will be displayed on All Over India web portal. Your digital advertisement will be valid till 2044, but you can edit your business’s digital advertisement at any time, you can also change the photos of your business.

If you have read all the guidelines well and collected all the information, then you can fill the form now.

What everyone can post here under this amount, Guest Post With Do-Follow Links, Article, BackLinks, Banner Ad, Product Advertisement Etc…

Note: Within 48 hours of receiving the information given by you, your Digital Advertisement will be displayed on the All Over India web portal and the payment receipt and the displayed link of your Digital Advertisement will be sent to your email.

If you have any problem in filling the form then contact us.
Thank you for joining All Over India web portal.