Meet Indian Army Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle of AURA

AURA Design and Development
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Indian Army AURA Design and Development with Specification

Enemy’s nightmare to come true with AURA unmanned stealth bomber future weapon of India, AURA will be first Indian army predator to hunt down deep inside enemy territory.

Design and Development

AURA is a code name for upcoming unmanned vehicle in 2009 AURA project was initiated by DRDO. Design work on the UCAV is to be carried out by aeronautical development agency ADA. Design of AURA is much similar to B -2 spirits. Total budget for this project is 1.5 billion. AURA flight control system and data packages will be designed and developed jointly by ADA and defense electronic application laboratory.


AURA will weight around 8 to 10 tones. Range of AURA will be more than 300 KM. Flying atlituttde will be above 30, 000 feet. AURA will be painted with radar absorvent apint. AURA will be powered by turbofan engines AURA will be aquiped with on board mission computers fire control radar, AURA will be capable to identify friend or enemy traffic collision avoidance system.

Indian Army Power AURA Main Features

AURA will have low observability. AURA will have stealthy shape AURA can carry prescission guided bombs. AURA can carry stand of strike weapons. AURA can be hardly detected by enemy radar due to its low radar cross section.

Improve Indian Army Power Through AURA Mission

AURA will combat other flying vehicles. AURA will penetrate to strike deep into enemy area. AURA will suppress enemy air defense. AURA will help in electronic warfare. AURA can execute precision guided missions.