‘Nimki Mukhiya’, Star Bharat’s Show Went All Out To Seek Votes for Nimki


‘Nimki Mukhiya’, Star Bharat’s show went all out to seek votes for Nimki, through its innovative marketing campaign, One of a kind activation over a period of 6 days engaged over 16, 00,000 consumers across Hindi speaking markets.

Mumbai, September , 2017– Star Bharat (Life OK – re-branded) with its philosophy of, “Bhula De Darr, Kuchh Alag Kar” is bringing to us stories that will encourage one to go beyond their fears to achieve their goals. One such story that was launched on 28th of August– “Nimki Mukhiya” traces the journey of a slightly neurotic, highly opinionated, gregarious girl who by a twist of fate is made the first woman mukhiya candidate of her village.

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Nimki is unlike any other Hindi serial female protagonist hence, the marketing initiative taken to promote this show too was unique. The entire 360-degree marketing campaign for this show was conceptualized and executed to mimic a political campaign. Just as all political campaigns have a strong on-ground leg, Star Bharat (Life OK – re-branded) launched an extensive on ground activation in over 15 cities and towns across Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh from 28th of August, 2017 to 2nd September, 2017.

Auto activation - Nimki Mukhiya

The political campaign was flagged off in Lucknow by Nimki on 26th of August. A political styled press conference was held in her “party’s war room” where-in she spoke to the media about her political ideologies and unveiled her manifesto for the first time. Later, in line with her belief, “Ladki ka first duty hai ooka beauty!” – She spoke to journalists while getting beauty treatments done at Lucknow’s top salon, Stylz Beauty Salon. She concluded this off beat press conference by urging everyone to show support for her cause and keeping an eye out for her on ground campaign.

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Starting 28th of august, fleet of colorful autos, custom designed to reflect Nimki’s quirky personality hit the streets. For a period of 5 days, the autos blared Nimki’s quirky political slogans. For the first time ever for a Hindi show– door-to-door political styled campaigning was done where her manifesto was distributed and viewers were requested to tune in to Star Bharat (Life OK – re-branded) at 8:30 PM to show their support for Nimki. Additionally, an army of Nimki’s “party workers” set out and visited stores, markets, places of interests and heritage sites to distribute her manifesto and to talk about Nimki’s appeal and her unique political agenda.

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To amplify her political campaigning, radio stations across MP and UP also played Nimki’s slogans. This extensive outreach concluded with Nimki’s rally in Bhopal on the 2nd. She first visited a radio station to talk at length about her political agenda. From there on, like any politician worth their salt, she set out on a rally in a quirky jeep, visited various hotspots of the city and interacted with the citizens.

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After talking to the media in Bhopal, Nimki went on to do yet another press conference in Indore. After all, the life of an aspiring politician is never relaxing! Inthe short period of 6 days, over 3, 37,500 houses were visited, 8, 77,000 pamphlets were distributed and over 16, 00,000 consumers were engaged.

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With such an innovative and extensive marketing initiative, the show is sure to catch attention and endear this eccentric politician to all her viewers. Do show your support for Nimki by tuning in to Star Bharat, Monday to Friday at 8:30 PM

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