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The Most sacred in him were hidden the greatest of mysteries. Like the mystery of the forest fire, unto the one who gives enlightenment? Peace and thus, salvation “I commend my soul.” “Unto sai I commend myself”.

Aum, Things from Sai Ram Baba.

“Those who know not and those who do not know me.” “Think that I assured this from, this persona.” “Because they are not enlightened, they do not see.” “My ultimate, infinite, indestructible from.” “In every lifetime I need a mother.” “From That mother, you ascribe to me as belonging to castes.” “And that which you ascribe to me is mired in your controversies.” “Thus I am Hindu, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist or Jain.” “No I am only human.” “Humanism is my creed.” “My deed is your good.” “I am the knowledge enshrined in the Gita (Holy text).” “The teachings of Quran (Holy text).” “ I am the teachings of the bible.” “The adarsh (ideals) of the Guru Granth Sahib (Holy text).” I come to you as you comprehend me. “Because I am the soul in all beings.” “In all that has been created.” “I am the genesis, the existence and the destruction.” “But before you, I am Just a fakir, your sai baba.” “ I was, when you were not.” “I am while, you are.” “I shall be, when you cease to be.” “But for those who call me.” “I come to be, to save them from illusion and bondage.” “From sin and misery from greed and vanity.” Because I am sai. Sai Baba. Allah Is my Master.



Associate Directors Kamal Chandhok Prakash Kedar:

Associate Editor C. Singh, P.R.O Rajoo Kariya, Background Music Pradeep Lad.

Re-Recording Hitendra Ghosh (Gaurav Digital)

Art Madhu Kumble, Choreography Subal Sarkar, Audiography Vinod Potdar

Movie Editor: Kuldip Mehan, Cinematography Sanjay Malwankar.

Written By Vikas Kapoor.

Lyrics & Music Pandurang Dixit, Produced by Aushim Khetarpal, Directed By Deepak Balraaj Vij.

Start Story: Hello arjun, speaking, Malik here, Hey Malik. How are you? Fine. I hear you’re going to India. Yes, to India. For three or four days. Want to come along? I’ll give you a of India. No. Thank you very much. I won’t be able to come. But can you do me a favour? Tell me. I got to send some stuff to India. “Come over, I’ll explain it to you. All right. Coming.” See you bye. “Hail Lord Shiva.” Oh, not again. What madness is this, Reena? How many time have I told you? I have no faith in God. “But I have faith. Look, this thing called God. “Is of no use to human beings. What helps, is one’s deed” work is worship. Do you understand? Work is worship! If you perform these rituals in this house ever again. I’ll divorce you, you do what I tell you to do, because you know, I do whatever I say” Where are you going, To Malik’s. Coming? They’re paying homage to Sai Baba right now. Mat I come? The rituals at home aren’t enough for you?

Song: “The Lord is One.” “to be found in reverence and in perseverance” The lord is one. “to be found in reverence and in perseverance”  Say glory to Sai Baba. “Sai Baba”

“Sai is my Mother, My Father” “Sai dwells in each and every heart.” “Sai belongs to me.”

“Call upon Sai Baba” “In trouble and miseries.” “Pray to the great Sai Baba.” “and he will set you free.” “The great sai presence.” “When you are feeling blue.” “When you are feeling sad and lonely.” “He will come to you.” “Let’s get together this very hour.” “You’ll feel Sai Power!” Sai Baba.    

“Sai Baba.” “You are Father, you are mother.” “You are my Mother, bless me,.” The Lord is one. “to be found in reverence and in perseverance” Say aloud! Sai Baba.

Hail Sai Baba. It’s all your doing. “You are Father, You are Mother” “You are the giver, you are friend.” It’s all your doing. Oh My Baba. “Your temple is my Mecca, Your Temple is my Kabah.” “Sorrows, you dispel.” Oh my Baba. “Sorrows of your believers, you dispel. “From your temple, no one returns empty-handed.” The lord is one.  “to be found in reverence and in perseverance” Say glory to Sai Baba. “Sai Baba” glory to Sai Baba.

Story: Arjun, Welcome. Welcome. Seek Baba’s blessings. I haven’t time for this madness. Madness? Yes, Madness. “This is life’s truth. For you, maybe. “No. For all of us. Can you prove that.” Why not? Have you ever seen God? Why not ask when or where I do not see God? “Even in you, I see Sai Baba.” “You weren’t a philosopher, were you.” “Not philosophy, this is the truth.” Then show me a man who has seen God” you ask for one? I can show you several. Have you heard of Mumbai city? Who hasn’t heard of Mumbai? Then listen to the true story of Gopinath Survekar. He was the managing director of his corporation. He saw God. His properties worth millions, his reputation, everything was ruined in one stroke of luck. Now ridiculed him. Gopinath Survekar, you are ruined your home, your factories are going under the hammer. Ketki. Ketki. Ramu our servant for 10 years has robbed us. He must’ve been in dire need. Let him take it. But Ketki, I have nothing left! I am completely ruined. Completely ruined! How many time did I tell you? There’s no certainty about the stock market business. But you wouldn’t listen. You trusted your business partners like friends. They made you sign the wrong papers, they took advantage of you. Ketki, you are right. Absolutely right. Had I listened to you, this day might never have come. What’s happening? Everything is being auctioned off. And in just a day, I go from prince to pauper! I’m in the streets. If today’s not a good day, tomorrow will not be a bad day. Have faith in sai. Ketki but how to keep faith in Sai? How difficult life is, in this situation. I’ve lost, I’ve lost the gamble that life is. Life’s no racehorse, that wins or loses. In situations far worse, there are thousands living life happily. I can’t bear to see my esteem being auctioned away. I can’t bear it. Oh, what I am to do? I’m not fit to live. No, you must Live! If not for yourself, for my sake. You might feel lost. But my faith, my belief in sai is unshakeable. Who can bear to see the garden he has tended with his own hands. Come to such destruction? Can anyone tolerate? What’s this? Ruination all around. Oh, why don’t die? You wish for death? A life lived in obscurity is worse than death. What do you mean? We shall live the rest of our lives at baba’s feet. We shall eat whatever we find. Over there, no one knows you. That you are Gopinath Survekar a managing director of a very big company. Shirdi. Maybe this is Baba’s wish. Let’s set here.

Sairam. Ketki. I want to forget everything. But I don’t think we can make it to shirdi. I’m very tired. If you have faith, this very place will become shirdi. Let’s rest a while. Sai. Gopinath. Rise. Rise, Gopinath. I wanted to come to you. So, I have come to you. Coming to me isn’t necessary. Thinking of me sincerely is enough. With sincerity in your heart, every place on earth will become shirdi. But everything changed, just in a day. All that I had is gone. Yours? When you come. What did you bring? Empty handed. Empty handed you shall leave. Why not think that whatever you found here belonged here? But all in a day? Everything changes? Everyone is a stranger? Am I Stranger, Gopi? As soon as you called, I came running. Sink your heart into the truth, and the truth will never desert you. How Can I think of what is true? Everyone’s an enemy. There are no enemies outside, Gopi. Your enemies lie within. Recognize them for what they are, and you will conquer them. Within me? What’s within me? Your greed, delusion, ego. The sense of yours and mine that is your enemy. Baba, What am I to do? Concentrate on the truth. And be blessed by the joys of truth. Baba. Bless me, Sai Baba. May you be blessed.

Ketki, get up, wake up, We’re going to shirdi. We must. I dreamt of baba. We must go. Let’s go. Excuse me. Brother yes. Listen. Yes. This road leads to Shirdi? Yes. How far is shirdi from here? About 70 or 75 kilometres. I’ve travelled after to pay my respects at baba’s shrine. Okay. Are you travelling to shirdi? Yes, we would like to go there. And if baba wills, we shall reach. If you don’t mind, join me. Conversations make a comfortable journey. Come on. Come on. Come Ketki.

Shirdi Sai Baba Song:

“The faithful who stand before the shrine in shirdi.”

“Those who stand before his eyes are relived of all pain”

“Those who have bowed at the mausoleum.”

“Their fortunes Sai has mended.”

“The physical self he has left.” “Yet he runs when the faithful call.”

“Seek at his mausoleum seek with.” “Reverence and persevere then you shall be given.”

“The eternal truth, I am.” “These Words of mine, trust.”

“Those who seek refuge in him.” “Have been given Succour.”

“As you worship.” “So you shall be given.”

“Live life by me, He Spoke.” “Sai’s words have never failed.”

“Your wishes you shall be given.” “Nothing will be denied, he has promised.”

“In body, in mind, those who have commended themselves to him.” “He preserves.”

“Those who chant his name, are blessed.” “those who seek the eternal come unto me.”

Story: Mr Gopinath, the auction has been called off. What are you saying? Yes. Your bankers have taken up your liabilities. Are you telling me the truth? Yes it’s true. I don’t believe this. No more bouncing cheques. Okay, Okay.

Shall I disconnect? Okay, See you. Ketki what happened? No sooner than we arrive here, Baba works a miracle. By his grace, the auction has been called off. The bank has underwritten mu solvency. My Cheques won’t bounce anymore. Won’t you share the news with the gentlemen who drove us here? Ketki. Where did he go? He brought us where we are supposed to be. We won’t see him again. Om Sairam.

Men Like you fill the mind of men with this apparition of God. Give me a break, Malik. Give me a break. Talking to agnostics is useless. But if only for your satisfaction let me narrate another story.

Bhaskar Chatterjee, noted litterateur. He lived in kalighat, in Kolkata. Like you, Bhaskar chatterjee was an agnostic. He was the chief assistant editor of the daily bartaman. This is a newspaper we publish news. This miracle is news too. Sai Baba of shirdi has brought a dead man back to life. I won’t publish false news. You know what daily news means? Rape, genocide, murder, corruption. Riots, politics, sport and films. That’s what sells in newspapers. By citing a miracle, what message are you giving to the society? To stop working and start chanting? God will help you. What’s in miracles? Why are you trying to mislead people? Do not be angered, Anger is bad for health. Please take a look, for once. I haven’t time for this nonsense. Get lost. Sai Baba is merciful. He nurtures. Very well, we are happy if this makes you happy. But a word of advice. If you are ever in trouble, do call on sai. He will surely help you okay, I’ll think of him. I’ll stop doing everything else. Go on. Glory to sai baba.

Where do they transpire from? Hello sir, Hello Minister. How are you doing, Mr. Monk? Fine? All by grace of sai baba. May Sai Baba bless you too. Excuse me. Glory to sai baba. This man won’t do! No way! Which man, Mr Minister? That bhaskar chatterjee. He’s publishing all kinds of nonsense about me. Look at this. I’m being blamed for all ills on earth! Want me to read it out? No, Don’t bother. I’ve read it. Bhaskar! Stop trying to close down my newspaper with drive. This is a newspaper, not a novel where you write whatever you want. I’m not going to end up closing down this newspaper because of you. You are in such problems and here I’m a burden to you. Everything will work out fine, Ma. If good times are gone, bad time will end too. You are very brave. Get up, what’s up Something’s happening to your mother. I don’t know. It’s something with her speech, what happened, mother? Mother, Mother what happened to you? She’s dead. Put her down on the floor. My mother can’t die! She can’t! Mother? Goddess kali has taken her. We’ll do the last rites tomorrow. Listen. I must perform the last rites. How much money do you have? Nothing! Why is God putting us through such a test? I must perform mother’s last rites. Must the famed litterateur beg to give his mother the last rites? Sai Baba, is merciful. He nourishes. Very well, we are happy if this makes you happy. Nut a word of advice. If you are ever in trouble do call on Sai. He will Surely help you. Not only you. I have insulted the godhead. I beg of you and beg of my self-respect. I don’t want to get into this debate over life and death. Just give me 24 hours to give my mother her last rites with dignity. Bashu. Bashu. Son, where are you? Bashu. Mother. Mother what happened? Why all are these people here? They’re here. To see you. Yes! To see you. To meet me? Hello yes. What happened? What’s it? Postal money order. Yes! Where from? From lucknow. Lucknow Sign here. Rs. 7.500. keep this No, Sir. Keet it. It’s a tip, you keep it. What use is it for me? Goodbye. Ma, here’s a money order. For 7, 500. So much money? Where from? From lacknow. For three years, I’ve been asking to be paid. And now, Suddenly. Buy the syrupy sweets. For so long, I’ve been feeling like eating some. You also like the dry sweet, don’t you? Let me get some for you. Brew me a nice tea, I’ll be back right now. Lord, may my son progress in life. Listen, Ma is calling you. What’s it? Get up, Get up what happened? Mother “Good you are here, son let me lie down on the floor, Nothing will happen to you. You’re perfectly all right. Don’t argue, I’m nervous. Hurry up. “Let me leave, son. Mother. Hail Sai Baba. Mother. “Do Something! Look, Something’s happening to her. She is no more. Only the body lies. I forget. The time I asked for from baba is now over. The time you asked for? Forget it. After I perform her last rites, we will travel to shirdi.

But hereyou are in America. In this age of science and technology. How can you take like an imbecile? Makes me feel like laughing at you. Yes. Bhaskar’s Mother might’ve died 24 hours later. Where do you see god in the plot? Come on, malik. I see God even in you. Malik, I haven’t time for this. Give me what you want me to take. I’ll reach it there. What’s all this spiritualism, this sai, baba. I mean, I don’t believe in all these things. I don’t wish to send anything now. What do you mean? You aren’t worthy of carrying my stuff. Come on, Malik. Don’t take it to heart, malik. I wanted to send some things to shirdi. But I don’t think he will accept anything from you. Sorry friend. Coming here was useless. You may leave. Nice of you to excuse me. Not as long as I’m alive, will I visit any shrine. One is made to pay the visit. Remember one thing, Arjun. The one who sai baba wants there, is drawn there. Your wish.

Your attention, please Air India flight AI221 from new York has just landed. Thank you. “Sai baba, you touch us with a thousand arms. Going to poona? Yes, sir. How long will it take. God’s will. If the road is clear, four hours. With traffic jams, all of eight or ten hours, for sure. What a country! A four hour drive takes eight. No value of time. I won’t take up too much of your time. Just a minute.  This ritual is tradition. “Sai baba. You touch us with a thousand arms. Protect me, Sai Baba. What’s going on, A prayer sir, prayer? What madness! Not madness, Sir. He is the one who drives our cars. Oh, Come on, don’t teach me all this, let’s go. Calm down, here we go. Sai baba of shirdi. Here comes your devotee. Sai, protect us. I’m done for what happened? I can’t tell you how bad this is. No. No. Oh, God. What happened? No fault of yours. I’m in a bad way. What happened? This is private. Deep down inside, I’m doing very poorly. Oh, no. if I could only find my brother. Sunil Come down! Take this man to poona. We’ve got to go to poona! Don’t chuck that coat. My brother will take you to poona. We’ve got to go to poona.  Sir, I’ve eaten lot of junk food since morning. Look, that car is going to stink. Sunil come down hey you, wait there. The whole building is going to stink. Oh my god! What is country! Out of my way! Is the water still running? Oh, no. hello, uncle. Just take care of my brother. There’s no water on the tap. Hi, somebody said a joke. What’s your tension? Hey, clean up the cow dung. A change of clothes? Men change their minds, luck changes. So what if I changed my clothes? You get into your coat. What happened to your language? Be silent for a minute. Let me say my prayers. I’m in touch, brother. Sai baba. The generous saint. You too? Of course. Me myself. What me? You know anything other than praying?  Prayer is what keeps us going your brother said that too. Everyone in this country, everyone in the world says that. Prayer is everything. Come on, move it. Of course. I’ll take you with the permission of. Almighty God. What almighty! Let’s go. Don’t irritate me. Look, we’re rolling. Shirdi is here. You’ve missed the main prayer. But you’re in time for the afternoon prayer. What prayers? I have to go to poona. Poona? Must be a twist in the tale. With a change of chauffeurs. Your destination seems to have changed too. You’re lucky. Go, on you’re in time for the afternoon prayers. Move it. One is made to pay the visit. Remember one thing, Arjun. The one, who sai Baba wants there, is drawn there. You’re on the right track. Go on, you still have time to pay your obeisance. Many have been given you will be given too. I’ll be back after I look him up. Wait here. Sure, brother. All my life! That’s a lucky guy! Look where he has landed.

Song: “Have mercy, Sai.” “I have no one else, but you.” “Have mercy, Sai.”

“I’m blind, but I’m your salve.”  “I’m blind, but I’m your salve.”                                                                                  

 “Who Allah is, I know not.” “Have mercy, Sai.” 

“The one who swept the floors of the mosque with a broom like a servant.”

“Is our Master, Sai Baba.” “Have mercy, Sai.” “I have no one else, but you.” “Have mercy, Sai.”

Story: Excuse me. Who are you? What is your name? your voice has a lot of healings. Hukumat Rai, a man of millions. Who hadn’t an iota of peace. So, I gave it up. Given it all up. The wife I loved dearly, died. Loved her. The kids are all settled comfortably. The rest of my life belongs to Sai Baba. Every stone in shirdi is blessed by Sai Baba. You’re lucky to be here. You mean, you gave it all up for Sai Baba? Have you paid baba a visit? Go, See him. You will be blessed.

“To the Fountainhead of joy, The true Guru, our lord Sai Glory be.” “in the holy fires of the five lamps, we worship Sai.” “Rise, oh, lord, let us venerate you.” “Let us venerate you, oh, Sai Baba.” “With calm minds, let us venerate you.” “Let us venerate you, oh, Sai Baba.” “What amazes you so, Arjun? How was the journey? Malik told me that you draw those you desire. How long will you evade life’s truths? I’m not evading life’s truth. What haven’t I? wealth, riches, life’s every comfort I have. The joys of life, peace of mind, tranquility are want you miss. You are good arjun. Add faith to the deeds of your life and you too shall become divine, like lord shiva.” Why such favours for a man like me? “Like the believer looks for God. “So also does god look for good man.” In many forms I exist. You wish to see? I can’t believe it. Hail lord shiva. Arjun, when you depart from this world none of the wealth, the richness, bank balances or chartered planes. Will go with you. Only your faith and you perseverance will be of use. Allah is my Master. “watching the processing of yours, we feel blessed.”

“Revere him by chanting his name.” “We bow to you, Sai Baba.” “Hail lord Sai Baba.” Glory be. Say hail to sai. Say hail to sai. You want to see sai Baba? Where do I find him? My mother’s shrine. He comes every day to eat what see cooks. If the okra my mother cooks is missing, he won’t eat. He’s merciful. He has made princes of paupers. Where are you from? Far away. Sir, From abroad. Abroad? Meet Sai Baba and all your wishes will be fulfilled. Where can I meet him? Come home. I’ll take you there. Will you come with me? Yes. Come on, let’s go. Let’s go. Just a little distance. Is that your village? Yes. Over there, yes. After that bullock cart. Country roads, you see. Faster. Looks like a prize catch. So it seems. So, we reach our destination. You have reached your destination. Hello, Please come. Careful while getting down. Careful. Please, Come sir. “Village, you see.” Oh no! careful. Where are you taking me? Come inside. Hail Sairam. My mother will soon be here. And baba will be here soon. Hai Sairam. Come Ma. Hail Sairam. What do you want, son? I want to meet Sai Baba. You’ll see him soon. He’s coming soon. You will be given your wish, He’s coming. Baba is coming. Come take him away. Strip his watch. The ring too. What do you with him now? I’ve conned so many people in sai baba’s name. This foreigner is trapped too. Hail Sairam. You bring folks to see Sai Baba? Let me show you around. No dearth of those who sell God. No dearth of those who make a business out of God. The truth is, in God’s name, swindlers like him use. Science, ruse and a crooked mind. They prey upon not only village oafs. Even city-bred educated men get swindled. God isn’t outside, he lives within. Instead of running after these conmen seek God within yourselves. Sai Baba was an example of the strength of a righteous life and he upheld education. Uphold his ideals when you worship him. In seeking him through miracles. You forfeit yourself your standing as believers. Baba. Sai Baba. Allah! Is this an apocalypse? Lord? Protect us. Lord! What’s happing? This way. Careful. This is Death’s dance! This storm will devour us. Run. No one will escape this tempest! We can’t even run! We will be killed. Lord! Let’s go. Boy. Boy! Are you mad? Sitting out the storm? Come with us. Why are you so scared? This is no storm. This is an apocalypse. Don’t sit there. Something might happen to you! Nothing will happen to me, Mother. This is my Guru’s ground. Don’t be stubborn kid. No guru can save you when death comes. Come with us. Peace be saw what, Aslam? This is a miracle! Nature’s miracle! The storm subsided. What miracle is this? Bless you. Baba. Miracle. Miracle. People of shirdi! Hear! Hear! We’ve been visited upon by a miracle! What happened? A boy worked the miracle. Under the margosa tree! Come! Hurry! Come on, everyone. Everyone come with us. Yes, under that margosa tree. Come on, hurry up. Come I’ll show you. He was there. The boy was here. Under this tree. It’s true! He was god himself! He just raised his arms and the storm subsided. Yes, abdul. He was right here. But where is he gone? Bless you he’s an angel! I can see! I see the sunrays, this earth! I can see! I can see everything! Impossible. Stopping that storm wasn’t child’s play. It’s God’s own miracle. Kulkarni! I can see! Uncle Abdul. I can see! Villages! I can see! Kulkarni! I can see! I can see! I can See! Say Hail to the boy! Hail. Fools! Have you no brains? None? Must you say anything? You’ll worship just about anyone! No kulkarni! Don’t say that. He isn’t a kid. He’s a God. He’s a Godsend. He’s miraculous. Not only did he stop the storm, he even gave light. Unto my blind eyes. I was born blind! Now I can see! He said it himself! This is his Guru’s abode. Hear, hear that. Why wait for proof? Let’s find out.

If this is his Guru’s abode, there must be something in there. Silence, Have you no brains? Go on, go home. Dig this place up, yes, dig. Okay dig, Lord, what a wonder! Look, four lamps! Lord! What a wonder! Look at the four lamps. Lord! This is your miracle! Look, this is a miracle! Allah! The boy has worked a miracle! Allah! You’re wonderful! Incomparable! He must be a dangerous wizard. Just as well that he left on his own. I nearly went out of business. 66, 67, 68 Enough. Get lost. Why? Why did you go there? Are you out of your mind? The boy is no god. And only Vaidraj (apothecary) kulkarni rules over this village. Never even mention that boy again. Get that? You better get it! Go home. She doesn’t try to understand. My Lord. Obeisance’s, Guru. Celibate. The good fortune of being given the task of introducing. You to the country over 12 years in mine. Come with me. As you wish, my lord.

So, he followed his Guru across India. Visiting centers of the faith. Sai baba upheld service to humanity above caste, creed and religion after travelling across the country for 12 years the young Sai baba reached parbhani in Marathwada in 1880. Celibate, I needn’t dwell upon the significance Of the cloth, the staff and the brick. It’s part of you as soul is to life” Now, you will live a fakir’s life, and you will serve humanity. In the service of socity, establish the religion. Don’t touch my feet. Do not make a sinner of me. It was my good fortune to have been with you for 12 years. Now that we separate, it must be because of my deeds. Lord, please do not refuse me what I am entitled to, Entitlement? Yes, my entitlement. “in the service of humanity.” I will be born in many forms’ and every time I shall need a guru to show me the tides of time. “Lord, forever, I shall revere you. Master of the universe, Father of creation. How can I bless you? I myself am blessed by you. Allah is my master.

Chand patil’s wife was devoted to Sai Baba. A young Sai Baba followed her nephew’s wedding entourage and returned to shirdi. It was around the year 1881. This baba says that Shirdi is his Guru’s abode. Please come, let’s go. Saifu, how are your eyes? Baba! You gave light unto a blind man’s eyes! Why did you leave me orphaned? Baba. Baba. Arise, Saifu. Baba is back. Baba, I’m blessed Baijamma. The one of who stopped the tempest! The one who gave sight to a blind man! He is back. Baba is back. He’s back. The one who gave light to my eyes! The one who stopped the tempest! Are you trying to fool us, Saifu? How can I? My eyes bear the truth. He’s back where is he? In the village, I’m not letting him go anywhere. Stop, Baijamma, Walking out of a prayer is ominous. The God’s are angered. The God I wish to appease, has come himself. This can only bode well. Come, yes, Let’s go. Where are you going? Are you mad? Running after that wizard again? Let me go! He’s God himself. You are Vaidraj kulkarni’s wife! If you get up. I’ll break your legs. I must go. I’m going, let me go, you aren’t going. Baijamma, this is baba. “Baba” Baijamma, Greetings, baba. Greetings, baba. Come Sai, Sai. To sai baba Glory be. Baijamma, Mhalsa, Abdul, Saifu. This place is airy. Let me stay here. No, we won’t let you live here. Why not live in my house? Baijamma is right. Not you, Baijamma, it’s your love that Speaks. Just look at the state this place is in. How will you live here?

“Tatya, man was first a monkey walking on all fours” then he freed his hands and he built towering edifices of civilization can our hands not make this place worthy of me? Yes, but. Sai, Sai baba! This isn’t your job! We’re here for it. My child, what is your name? Jipri. No, don’t touch me. Why? I’m an untouchable. Come with me. Disaster! What a disaster! Goodness! No, no shame. Disaster? For whom? Shirdi. Shirdi? What are you saying? Fool! Don’t you see. This fraud touches an untouchable! Our religion doesn’t accept this. Who wrote this religion? “How irreligious could he have been? But I ask, why is she untouchable?” Is the blood that courses her veins blue instead of red? Not by birth, it’s deed that makes on untouchable. Let’s go. Thirsty? Want a drink of water? Drink. Now, give me water to drink. No, Sai! Don’t drink water from my hand. Why may I not? Because I am untouchable. Jipri! Why do we humans not take the lessons of life from the earth, the water, the air, the trees? Water quenches our thirst, without questioning creed. Nor does the earth ask it of those who live upon it. Does air ask us? Do trees ask? These are man-made. Give me a drink of water. With their hands, look how they shaped my mosque into my mother’s house. Baba, Baba I have brought you a bed. You must lie on it. I appreciate your love, carpenter. You haven’t a bed to sleep on. And you have brought me a bed. I’m accustomed to sleeping on the floor. I have taken to your habits. I am a fakir. I do not want your bed. If you can, give me the plank. Take baba. Baba. Baba! Rise, Carpenter. Arise. Baba, why are you hiding? Come inside. Do not be afraid. Come on, let’s go, What are you doing. Sai? Making myself a swing to sleep on. Can you make a swing out of this? Can’t it be made into a swing? Ma says you can do anything. Are you my mother’s brother? You’re kulkarni’s son, aren’t you? Yes. Baba, will you let us use the swing? We want to swing in it. Sure. I’ll let you swing, I’ll take you places. Our swing will fly as high as the moon and the stars. As high as the moon and the stars? Yes. Touch the moon and the stars. It’s going to be fun! Great fun! It’s nearly dusk. Go home, kids. What were you doing with that fraud Baba? Will you never come to your senses? Don’t hit me. Just you come home. Why did you go there? Will you go there ever again? What are you up to? Will you kill him? I’ll kill him! You’ve spoiled him. Don’t accuse me. Am I not to accuse you? Why did he go to that fraud? Ask him. Son, you went to baba? Yes, Ma. Baba has called me again. To take a ride in his swing. Swing ride! That fraud! That thief is going to kidnap him. If you go there ever again, I’ll break your arms and legs. You better get this straight. Try any more antics, and I’ll throw both of you out. Get that? What skullduggery! Quiet, my son,

Song: Go to sleep, my prince, “The moon is up” “Go to sleep, my prince.” “The moon is up”

“what does the moon tell you?” “listen to him, son.” You will dream of a wonderful swing.”

 “Go to sleep, my prince.”  “The moon is up” 

“Your swing will soar to the blue skies.” “you will carry glittering stars back to earth.”

“your cats, you birds are all asleep.” “your toys are all asleep.”

“All the youngsters are asleep.” “Time you went to sleep, dear.” “The moon is up.”     

“Go to sleep, my prince.”  “The moon is up”

“The moon will be pleased to see my darling asleep in mummy’s lap.” “All your birds are sleeping.”

“All your dolls are asleep.” “your flute is asleep.” “All your toys are asleep.” “The moon is up” 

“Go to sleep, my prince.”  “The moon is up”

“what does the moon tell you?” “listen to him, son.” You will dream of a wonderful swing.”

“Go to sleep, my prince.”  “The moon is up” 

Sai, Sai, I’ve been looking for you everywhere. Why are you sitting on that rock? For lifetimes, this rock and I have been tied together. That rock? Yes, Baijamma. It’s my throne. Your son sits on this rock. As he purveys all of creation. Then let me call the villages. Let’s carry your throne to shirdi. As you wish. Villagers! Listen! Sai is in the forest.

Shama, yes baba. What are you doing nowadays? What I can do? Nothing. You are educated. And there’s a school in the village going empty, because there are no tutors. Why don’t you teach them? Certainly, Baba. No child in shirdi must be illiterate. Someday, the whole world will kiss the soil of shirdi. People will ask about shirdi’s history. If those who tell them the history are uneducated shirdi will be brought to shame. That will never be. Tomorrow onwards, school begins. Shirdi will be proud, Always. Because with you beings the history of shirdi never to end. Now, leave. As you order. Allah is my master. Glory to sai baba. Allah is my master. Baba, Just as you asked us, we have brought you firewood. Put it down. Come on. To sai baba Glory be. Allah is my master. From this day down the ages this fire and it’s ashes. Will be proof my intent of service to mankind. The sun sets. But the flame in shirdi will be eternal. Allah is my master. To sai baba, Glory be. Mother, I beg. Take baba. Coming, baba. Take, baba. Stop. Despite repeated warnings, you still feed this conman? No one must be sent away empty-handed from your doorstep what? Are you preaching? I’m going to throw this fraud out of shirdi empty handed. Go in. Not until I have given him alms. Here, baba. For the well being of the peoples in shirdi and his believers baba had taken on the garp of the fakir. Every day, he went from door to door in shirdi begging. He shared with everyone irrespective of caste or creed. He even shared his food with dogs, cats, crows, pigeons, parrots.” Once, during Diwali (Festival) he tried to instill the sense of fair trade among traders in shirdi, as also to amuse the children. He lit lamps with water. To sai baba, Glory be. In the year 1901, the districts surrounding shirdi witnessed a cholera epidemic to protect his shirdi. Sai Baba ground floor. Then he mixed ashes from his fire to the flour. All around shirdi, the epidemic raged. But the cholera never entered shirdi. Baba, Baba, I am cured! Allah is my master. Chandolkar, the assistant collector of Ahmednagar refused to accept it as Baba’s miracle. Do you see this report? Why are you so angry? People are dying like fleas all around, and shirdi goes unscathed 145 in kopergaon. 99 in hatha. 135 in Dagar. 240 in Ahmednagar. And not a soul dies in shirdi? This is impossible. Sai sits in shirdi. Sai, yes, as long as Sai is there, not even a whiff can enter shirdi. Let alone the cholera. And do you know how Sai lighted lamps with water on Diwali? Lit lamps with water! Kakasaheb Dixit, Sai Baba seems to be a fraud. Nut this isn’t going to happen within my jurisdiction. Ganpatrao. Yes, Sir? Set out for Shirdi. And keep an eye on this fraud Sai Baba. I want to come over and catch him red-handed. That will serve the fraud right. I shall set out. Sai Baba. Ganpat? Take, Baba. May Allah bless you. Who is sai Baba? Not even I know who Sai Baba is. Who are you? I am a fakir. Shirdi is my pandharpur.

SongShirdi is my pandharpur. Shirdi is a great shrine. Here, lives my vithal. Here, lives lord krishna.

Shirdi is my pandharpur. The holy waters of the Ganga (River). The holy waters of the Ganga. Here’s the punslik shrine. Shirdi is my pandharpur. Flock here. “Sing songs in praise of sai and vithal.

“Sai is vithal, vithal is sai. Say sai, chant sai. Dabholkar. Yes, Sir? Ganpatrao is a trusted man. That he is. And I am certain that by now, he must have exposed the fraud. Not fraud. Conman, Cheat, fake! He fools the simple villagers. Who are you? The apothecary. Vaidraj Kulkarni. I always tell these villagers that justice will finally be served. Go and see with your own eyes. Ganpatrao should’ve been here. Strangely, there’s no sight of him. Glory to Sai. What has come over him? Glory to sai. Ganpat, where’s your uniform? I was pleased to wear.” The filthy British garb. But I’ve found for myself the garb of sai’s truth. I’ve nothing to do with the filth. You are talking like a fool. You know who you are talking to? Mightier than time you can never be. And I have the blessings of lord of time. Ganpat! Sir, I come here to lead you on for the sake of our relationship. If you wish to be blessed by Baba. Then follow me. Glory to Sai. Let’s see how this fool has us blest. Hail Sairam. Please come. Sai Baba. Sai Baba. Mr Chandolkar, I wish to do everything in good time In time for lunch, eat. In time, we shall talk. God bless you. Begin.

To Sai Baba . Glory be. Baba, won’t you eat? As with the mother. She is sated when she sees her child eat. So also Baba, when he sees us eat. No, uncle Abdul. Food is essential for life. I do not live to eat. Then eat to live. If not for yourself, then for us, eat. See how feeble you have become. I won’t allow you to fast like this. After I have seen you eat, my hunger is sated. But this mother won’t give up until she has fed me. I know, laxmi, you love me very much. But this body cannot accept the bread you proffer so lovingly. Why, lord? The garb of the fakir I’ve taken on. In this lifetime, I cannot leave it. After I have left this body. I shall eat only what you cook for me. Feed me whatever you wish. Get me my begging bowl. With you, I shall share whatever alms I collect. Go. Allah is my master. To sai Baba. Glory be. We had come here to investigate your activities. But now that we’ve met you, we are blessed. If you allow us, we would like to stay here for a while. Who am I to give you permission? All of Shirdi is your jurisdiction. Sai Baba seems to be a fraud. This isn’t happening within my jurisdiction. Baba, I have erred! Forgive me. May Allah bless you. To err is human. But one who accepts his errors is the one who succeeds. But whom do we ask to be forgiven? Only God forgives. But where do me find God? God manifests in everything. And he manifests in our Guru. Baba!? A snake bit the teacher. A snake bit the teacher. Pick him up. Out. Out, I say. Baba! A snake bit shama. Yes. Out. Baba, shama is devoted to you. Yes, I know. Out. Baba! A snake has bitten Shama! And you are raging at him? I’m not raging. But you were. I was drawing the venom out. Baba. Don’t let shama sleep. Okay, Baba. Shama?

Song: lord Shiva, you are the lord of shirdi. “Lord of serpents, lord of Gauri.”

“the giver of all good, Sai Baba.” “The lover of Girijs, the one who dispels fear.” Lord shiva of kailash.

Lord shiva.  you are the lord of shirdi. Lord shiva. you are the lord of shirdi.

“Serpents play on his tresses, the garland of skulls around his neck.” “Garland of skulls around his neck.”

“The eternal gaze, the rings in his ears.” “the Ganga flowing from his locks.”

“He is the lord of Gauri.” Lord shiva. you are the lord of shirdi. Lord shiva. you are the lord of shirdi.

Glory to sairam! Lord shiva. Glory to sairam.

Story: May lord Shiva bless you. Shama. Baba. Baba. Have mercy, Baba. Baba. Rise, Shama. Rise. Baba. It is a miracle. To sai baba. Glory be. Writing a letter early in the morning? I’m writing to my friend boti Sarkar. I was supposed to go over. I think I’d rather call him over. Let him see sai Baba. He will be blessed. That’s very nice yes, So, there’s an avatar of lord Dattatreya in Shirdi? “Yes, he;s Vishnu, he’s Brahma and he’s Shiva too.” How about going to shirdi? Now, we must. What say, Amdekar? I’m no Blue Shastri unless I expose that chameleon. No. No Shama. This is madness. What future do lines on a palm indicate? I believe in karma. Just to please him, Baba. No Shama. I said no once. Period. Go, go away from here. Heard that, Mr Sarkar? At the mention of my name, your Sai Baba is dumbstruck. Yes. I must hand it to you. Mr Shastri. Out of fear, Shama’s Baba, the avatar wouldn’t even show you his palm. For God’s sake, don’t speak in this vein about Sai Baba. Listen to him I’ve seen him from up close. Greetings, Blue Shastri! How are you? Glad to have met you. You are great! Who hasn’t heard of you? You did a great deed. You did a great deed in destroying that fraud’s myth. I’ve always held that sooner or later justice is served. And you are. As yours, the knowledge of astrology. So also his. In medicine. He’s the famous apothecary, kulkarni of shirdi. But I’m your fan! And I’ve been waiting for you. But one thing I didn’t like. Which thing? That fraud, that conman. They let him live in the mosque. And he lords it over the mosque! He has insulted me too. I’m not staying here one moment. Fall at his feet! Stop him. Let go. Don’t you bother about these people in Shirdi. And that fellow is scared of letting the astrologer read his palm. Lest he be exposed. What good is all this? We’ll convince the people. The fraud will be forced to show you his palm. Everything will be clear. Is that clear, Blue Shastri? Fine. I’ll leave this place only after avenging mu insult.

Careful. “Hail lord of the universe.” Lord. “you ease the problem of the devotee in a jiffy.” “Hail lord of the universe.” 

Careful. Lord. Hail Lord Krishna. Lord. Forgive me, lord. Rise, Shastri. You are the lord of lords. You are the superme soul. Forgive my trespasses, lord. Forgive me. The vanity of knowledge drove me mad. Forgive me, lord. Arise, Blue Shastri. Baba. Forgive me. Amdekar. Keep this. “the Character of guru.” Read it. You will find peace. Baba. I have erred, Baba. Oh, no. I have erred, Baba. Come on, let’s go. Why are you shouting? Sit quietly. Don’t shout. Life’s miserable. Get lost.

Your mother doesn’t have any sense. I’m reading “the Character of guru” why don’t you understand? You set five kids after me, and here you are, reading. Go and take care of them. I’ve got lost to do. Padma! For God’s sake! Don’t disturb me. What do you take women for? Something to be used at will? You fancied five kids? Now, feed them. Padma! Don’t scream! You’ve made life miserable for me! Is my life any better? To this day, I regret marrying you. Did I beg you to marry me? Did I beg you to make this army of kids? Padma! One more word, and go on, hit me. What else can you do but assault a helpless women? You won’t give in so easily. I’ll teach you a lesson you’ll regret all your life. What lesson will you teach me? Coming! I’m not dead yet! Wants to teach me a lesson! She doesn’t let me read the scripture. Someday, I will. By turning away from those you owe responsibility to by killing yourself, you are committing yet another sin. Keep faith in you Guru. Guru will help you. Baba. Forgive me. Where have you been? Forgive me, padma. Forgive me. I have erred, padma. But I promise you for the mistakes I have committed. I shall toil all my life. I shall give my children a good upbringing a good education and a good feture. Hail Sai Baba.

May allah bless you. Saint. Come, Tatya, sit. You look happy today, Tatya. Today’s the first day of Dussehra (festival). Dussehra. The best day for salvation. What do you mean? The day of freedom from this today. I don’t understand, lord. To understand, Tatya, you must wait for the future. Tell me, what’s going on? Like every year, this year too the mosque is being decorated for the festivities. Everyone is waiting for you. Jaikar is here too. Jaikar. Yes, the painter? Yes, step out, Baba. Let’s go. Laxmi, aren’t you playing with colours? One who is coloured in all the hues of devotion unto you isn’t interested in playing with colours. I’m no God, Laxmi. But even god would be glad to have someone as devoted as you are. Obeisance, Baba. Allah is my master. Laxmi, men have even imprisoned colours within religions. Colours are nature’s gift. They cannot be tethered by weak strands of religion. which colour do you like? I like nature’s every colour. The seven notes of music. The seven colours of the rainbow. I like everything. Allah is my Master. To sai Baba. Glory. Son, what is the matter? Are you cold? Mother. What am I to do? Have a sip of water. Son. Mother. Lie in my lap. Mother. Oh, what am I to do now? Ramu! Ramu! Son, open your eyes. Hurry, come here. What happened? Look, he’s acting strange. Let’s take him to the apothecary. No! let’s take him to Sai Baba. All right, come along. Son, we’re going to Baba. Hurry. Careful. Hurry up. Hurry. Where are you going? Where every burdened soul finds succour. Meaning? To the father of every orphan. To the lord of Shirdi. Sai Baba. The lord of shirdi? How dare you mention that fraud in my presence? Only Sai Baba can give back my son’s life. You have no faith in my medicine? Thanks to your medicine, my son is out cold. Now, he needs Sai Baba’s blessings. I’m not letting you go there. I’ve tolerated you enough. Don’t try to stop me now. Otherwise, all hell will break lose. How are you, Jaikar? I’m fine, Sai Baba.

Song: “In your hands, Sai, rest my oars.” “Row me across, Sai.” “In your hands, Sai, rest my oars.”

“Rich or poor everyone sails in this boat.” “All, from every creed crowd this ship.”

“It’s now in your hands, save this ship.” “you are the rower.” “In your hands, Sai, rest my oars.”

“The ship carries two standards, reverence and patience.” “thus it sails.” “the waves of life.”

“we sail with faith in you.” “ you are the deliverer.” “ In your hands, Sai In your hands, oh, giver.”

“In your hands, Sai, rest my oars.” “Row me across, Sai.”  “In your hands, Sai, rest my oars.”

“Allah is my master.” “you have rowed me across.” “Patience bears a sweet fruit.”

“You have proved it, Sai.” “you have rowed me across.”

Story: Baba! You come too late, my child. You brought him now? Ma tells me you can do anything. You are my mother’s brother. I have no one to fall back upon. Baba, you once lit lamps with water! Save the lamp of my life, Baba. My child, you have a lot of faith in me? Yes. And faith is god. May allah bless you. Mother, My Son. My son. Allah is my master. There? To that fraud fakir? She insults me, my profession. And she was so sure of herself! Just let her come home! I’m going to break her legs. You are back? So, what did you get out of what fraud? Where’s my son? Is he cured? Listen. Where’s my son? Tell me. Father. Father. By Sai Baba’s grace, your son is saved. Understand? Father. My Son. Father are you all right? “let me embrace you, son.” Come to me, son. Father. My Son. My son. Father, my son. Baba! Glory to sai baba. So, what are we celebrating? One for you too. Happy tidings. By Sai Baba’s grace, the temple has been completed. Here, have sweets. Sure. According to the scriptures, there’s no better a day than Dussehra for the consecration of the deity. True. Let’s approach Sai Baba. Let’s go. Baba. To the lord of the universe, to Sai baba of shirdi Glory be. I hope you are still savouring the sweets you just had. By your grace, the construction of the temple to lord Krishna has been completed in shirdi. Lord krishna’s deity has also been installed. Baba, Dussehra is an ideal day. Should you wish to consecrate the idol on the day of Dussehra. With your own hands, it’d be very nice. Yes, Baba. We shall see. Baba, I wish. I have heard you. Now, Leave. But Baba. I told you to leave. Go. As you wish. Baba. Do not worry. Allah is my Master. Must you be so stubborn, Sai? Can’t we water the plants? Everyone must do his own job. But your health. Nothing’s wrong with me, Laxmi. You’d know if you saw as I see it. You’re so feeble. I’m not letting you work. We’re here to do it. I want nothing more than to serve you. It’s wrong for humans to serve each other. I took on the garb of the fakir to break this tradition. Go and get me by begging bowl. No, Baba. You’re very sick today. I won’t let you go begging today. Going out today is very important. If not today, I won’t get another chance. Go and get my begging bowl. The day of Dussehra draws closer. But Sai Baba hasn’t yet decided about consecrating the idol. Only baba knows what he has in mind. I dare not even ask him. But the auspicious hour is passing. You are right, but what do we do? Baba himself is auspicious. Whatever he does will be for our good. Right. He is the true Guru. But why must baba go begging from door to door? True. He has been ill of late. Yes! Baba. Baba. Aren’t you kulkarni? Yes, Baba. You are magnanimous! You are merciful! Kulkarni, Arise. Baba! You’ve changed colours, kulkarni. The whites of age in your hair? Your youth departs as soon as you come unto me? No Baba. Coming unto you has enlightened me. I was wayward, Baba. I hide my age with potions and colours. I cheated people, I deceived myself. Now, I have come yo my senses. Grant me succor, Baba. Apothecary, life races to death. Yes Baba. Come with me. Let’s go Baba. Baba. Drink this, son. I am in pain, Baba. Everything will be fine. Drink it. Baba, I am cured! Baba. I am cured! Arise. Baba, I am cured! Allah is my Master. Come, Kulkarni Yes, Baba.

Baba, My Baba. Must you take all affections upon yourself? You are magnanimous! Are you feeling all right, Baba? Yes, kulkarni. Plod on. Okay. Laxmi, its Dussehra today. We’re sprucing up Dwarkamai. What better an occasion for you to sing?

“In Dwarkamai, the fire was lit by Sai.” “The fire was lit by Sai.”

“From the fire, he drew ashes for his flock.” “The fire was lit by Sai.”

“Sai’s fire is celebrated.” “The ashes have dispelled disaster.” “Sai’s fire is celebrated.”

“Ashes that lit up lives you’ve blessed all your devotees.” “From the fire lit by Sai”

“From the fire lit by Sai” “One who has revered Sai’s ashes has overcome all sorrow.”

“One who has revered Sai’s ashes has overcome all sorrow.” “Sai’s ashes are kind.”

“Ashes that ushered in joys in every home.” “From the fire lit by sai.”

“Sin destroyed, Sorrow dispelled in these fires.” “Sin destroyed, Sorrow dispelled in these fires.”

“And ashes that Sai turned into the giver of life.” “Turned into the giver of life”

Story: What happened, Baba? Baba!  What happened, Baba? Baba! Kulkarni! Chandolkar! What happened, Baba? Baba! Take me to the mosque. Uncle Abdul! The brick? Laxmi! What Have I done? I have broken Baba’s brick! What are you staring at Tatya? No, I’m thinking. What? What’s so special with this brick? Why do you take such care of it? It’s no simple brick, Tatya. This is my life, this fakir’s life. As long as this brick is, Sai lives. When it breaks. Sai is no more. No, Lord Baba. Laxmi, Tatya in the journey through life, why be afraid of death? Life is embarked upon to end in death. If you accept death then there is no fear of death. Instead, you will love death. Baba! Your Sai is still alive. Allah is my Master. Allah! What have I done? Baba! What have I done, Baba? Abdul, the brick is broken. Now, I must leave. No, Baba. I must. No, You Cannot leave us. Yes, Baba. Baba. Baba, take my life. Take our lives. Do not leave us. Take my life, Baba. Baba. My Baba. Life and death are cycles. What is there in life to smile about? What is there in death to cry over? Baba. One who is born, must accept death. Now, leave. Do not speak like this. Leave me alone. I said, leave. Allah is my master. Leave. No, Baba. Amdeker. Abdul, Tatya, Shama. Leave. No, baba. I told you, leave me alone. Leave. Laxmi, Leave. I won’t. Laxmi, I told you. You are very stubborn, Baba. You haven’t eaten a grain in three days. Laxmi, listen to me. Come. First, eat this bread. Laxmi, Listen to me. I have very little time. Laxmi, you have served me so well. But I haven’t been able to give you anything. Laxmi. I want nothing, Baba. Take this. Not money, I don’t even want servants. I only want you. I am eternal!. Indestructible. “Was I ever born. That I shall leave?” my soul now leaves this body and goes among those devoted to me. Whenever a devotee calls to me with his heart I shall come. But what am I to do? After I am gone. In every being, in every grain of dust, behold me. If you practice that every day. You will witness my eternal Being. Baba. I don’t like being here in the mosque any longer. Take me to. Boti Sarkar’s quarry. Baba. I will be happy over there. Baba! Allah is my master. Baba!

On the day of Dussehra, 15th October 1918 at 2.30 pm Sai Baba took final penance. Sai Baba. Sai Baba. You? What are you doing here? How dare you come here? There’s no place in my house for someone who doesn’t love my Sai Baba. Go away from here. But where do I go? Go to hell. Hell is his. Heaven is his. Baba is the Master of every bit of creation. Malik, once I asked you to show me a man who has seen God. Today I ask you show me a place where my sai Baba isn’t. Hail sairam! Saw how miraculous my sai baba is? Sai Baba be blessed.

The demise in 1918 was merely an observance of nature’s law. Baba’s image is still alive in the hearts of his believers. Those who step into Shirdi with true reverence are blessed by Baba. Shirdi rises above differences of caste and creed. In Shirdi, every festival is celebrated thus. The religious, social and cultural affairs that Baba initiated in shirdi are till this day celebrated with as much fervor.

Every Thursday baba travels in a palanquin from the mosque to chanvni. From india and all over the world millions of devotees. Flock to shirdi every year with reverence, perseverance.

By experiencing the power of Sai Baba. His devotees are increasing day by day. Hail Sairam.