Online Psychologist – What Does Coronavirus Online Therapy Look Like And How To Prepare?

Online Psychologist - What Does Coronavirus Online Therapy Look Like And How To Prepare
Online Psychologist - What Does Coronavirus Online Therapy Look Like And How To Prepare
Quarantine due to coronavirus
Quarantine due to coronavirus

Quarantine due to coronavirus caused that many services moved to the Internet. However, some of them, such as therapy, have always been there – as an alternative to face-to-face meetings. What does cooperation with a psychologist look like using Skype or another messenger? How to prepare properly to be able to take full advantage of the online therapy session?

Who Will Online Therapy Be A Good Option For?

We use services over the internet not only during social isolation. Cooperation with a psychologist requires from the patient above all regularity: meetings should take place at least once a week, preferably in the same place and at the same time.

However, not everyone is up to these requirements, for very different reasons. Some work at unusual, changing hours, others go on business trips, others live abroad, and seek therapy in their native language. Sometimes the health or well-being of the patient does not allow for a personal appearance at the session. In such cases, online psychotherapy is a great solution. This form of meeting with a therapist is full-fledged and effective.

Will Online Therapy Be Effective?

that a patient communicates
that a patient communicates

Yes. The only condition is, of course, willingness to cooperate with both sides and take the topic seriously. No less important is the regularity and preservation of basic rules. The fact that a patient communicates with a psychologist using a messenger does not mean that he can approach the session “at ease“, so get up from the computer, answer calls, or look in the mailbox. Of course, the therapist is bound by professional secrecy regardless of the form of communication.

How To Prepare For An Online Session?

We already know that an online psychologist is a good option for everyone, but it’s important to remember the basic principles:

  • For the session, find a room where there will be complete peace.
  • The patient must be alone, no one in the background, not even a very close person.
  • Therapy should take place in a private place where the patient feels safe and at the same time is certain that the link is stable and the vision will not be broken.
  • You need to put the phone down (or turn off notifications) for the session, and the radio and TV should be muted in the room.
  • By meeting these conditions, we gain a guarantee that the online psychotherapist will be able to work with us in the same way as during a session in the office.

What Are The Benefits of Online Psychotherapy?

Sessions via Skype are often slightly cheaper than visiting the office, and it is known that sometimes it is the financial issue that prevents patients from starting treatment. However, this is not the only advantage: online therapy enables contact with a therapist from a selected city or country, which will be valuable especially during moving out and at the same time wanting to continue treatment.

Meeting on the Internet will be a great form for socially withdrawn people who are not ready for live meetings. Online therapy, however, is primarily a big time saver. The patient does not have to move from home, does not commute, but uses the help “here and now“.

cooperation with professionals
cooperation with professionals

To start online psychotherapy, all you need is a computer, telephone, or tablet with internet access. Remember to establish cooperation with professionals. Make sure the therapist has the right permissions, don’t be afraid to ask. Online therapy is governed by the same laws as in-office meetings, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of work or its effectiveness. Your task is only to create the right conditions and of course personal commitment.

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