Read About District of Solan In Himachal Pradesh

Read About District of Solan In Himachal Pradesh

Solan is head quarter of district Solan in Himachal Pradesh. It is the largest city of Himachal Pradesh area vise (33.43km). It is located on Shimla Kalka highway. The place is named after Shoolini Devi temple nestled in the meadows and green deodar trees in Solan city. City is famous for agricultural point of view especially, mushroom farming as well as for tomato farming. Directorate of Mushroom Research (DMR) is also located at Chambaghat for the advancement in the farming. It is neither too hot nor too cool because of this it is preferable residential point of view.

There are some fast growing industries also. Horticulture University is also situated in Solan. It is is known for its highest railway station in the world.

Solan boasts of having cantonment erected by Britishers which are fine example of architectural designing and stone carvings.  Its worth watching features are its gabbled roof and wood work. Mohan Meakin’s Brewery set up in 1855 A.D. is still intact.

Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni is very famous.

It is also called Hub of education as it boats of having 10 universities and many other private colleges. Some of the most famous schools are also located in the vicinity of Solan

Worth visiting places in the city:

Jawahar Park: it has beautiful flowers, fountains rides and open area for children and others who come there to have a stroll. Mohan Park and Subhash Chandra Bose park also nearby which offer open area in the vicinity.

Motilal Nehru Central Library: it is the library responsible for controlling functioning of all colleges and schools in Himachal Pradesh. It is located on The Mall. It caters to the needs of localities as it has many books.

Places worth visiting nearby:

Kasauli: It is a tourist attraction situated on the hill top amidst picturesque surroundings. A perfect place for trekking and exotic view. It is 35 km from Kalka, it is one of the colonial favorite holiday homes, it’s every brick and stone tells the presence of Britishers in 19thcentury. Monkey Point temple provides an exotic view of the nearby cities like Chandigarh and many more. Forests are blessed with abundance of flora and fauna.

Chail: It is situated around 43km away from Shimla. It was summer capital of Patiala state due its magnificent surroundings and lush green forests of deodar. It has world famous, highest cricket ground and polo ground also. Erstwhile palace is converted into a grand hotel with exquisite architectural marvels. The place attracts Bollywood industry for shooting of films and serials.

Timber trail, Parwanoo: The only one of its kind in the area, the ropeway trolley ferries passengers from one hill top to adjacent high hill connected with a cable. It leaves you breathless as the cable car takes you at the height to 5000 feet above sea level.

Barog:  Famous for the longest tunnel of Shimla Kalka narrow gauge line, it also offers a feast for the eyes with its serene and terrific surroundings.

Shoolini Devi temple: Famous temple of local deity from which Solan derived its name is situated in the heart of the city

Bon Monastery: It is famous for its s architectural designing and second oldest monastery all over the world.

Jatoli Shiv Temple: famous for Shivratri fair which takes place every year, it is one of the oldest temples in the vicinity. Solan can be reached by either train or bus, as there is frequent bus service from Chandigarh and other parts of the country.

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