Read At All Over India How To Avoid Car Loan Application Rejection?

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A large chunk of the funds borrowed from the banks constitutes for the car loans! These days with so many online lenders it is easy to get online car loan just with a click of a button. While the probability of your loan application being rejected is low but still there are chances of application rejection if you are not well informed with car loan eligibility parameters.

It is quite normal for a lender to analyze the documents provided by you to get in a detailed summary of your credit history.

The loan approval depends on the facts the lender uncovers from your documents.

  1. Complete your information

The information you fill online is highly important as the lender decide to sanction your car loan based on this information. If the information provided by you is incorrect or false, then your application might get rejected.  For example, wrong phone number or address are physically verified. A minor mistake can be the cause of your loan application rejection.

So, always double check the information you are mentioning in your form.

  1. Stable Source of Income

The loan repayment ability of an individual is judged on the basis whether an individual has a stable source of income. A frequent change of job raises the doubt and lowers your chances of loan application being approved. A stable job raises your credibility in the eyes of a lender.

For this, avoid to take a car loan within a few months of joining a new company. The longer the tenure of your current employment, the better it is for your loan application.

  1. Maintain A Good Credit History

Your credit history is another crucial factor that plays a major role in your loan approval. A bad credit score means you have issues paying the loan on time. A bad score makes the lender reluctant to approve your car loan. The only solution is to improve your credit score. You can raise your credit score by paying off any pending bill and EMIs on time.

  1. Reasonable Loan Amount

If you think, online lenders can sanction you any loan amount then you are wrong. There is a reason why the lenders ask for your 3-months salary slips. The reason is to get a fair idea of how much you can pay every month. So, the total loan amount is disbursed based on your income. If the ratio between your income and the required loan amount is very high, then you may not get loan approval.

The only way to avoid such situation is to be realistic on the loan amount which you can afford to pay back.  Also, you need to make sure that your choice of car fits in your budget. To get an idea you can take help of the online EMI calculator which is free to use.

  1. Do Not Engage In Fraudulent Activities

Never ever try to hack the loan approval process as providing false information or indulging in fraudulent activities would tarnish your credit history and could land you in jail also! Do not provide erroneous data that will put your application under the suspicious radar of the lenders.

These are some of the important tips that you need to be careful about before you apply for a car loan online. Just by keeping these above tips in mind and avoiding them smartly, will help you to get loan approval instantly and flawlessly.

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