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Sharma Clinical Laboratory

शर्मा कलिनीकल लेबोरेटरी हमारे यहाँ सभी प्रकार की बीमारियों से सम्बंधित टैस्ट किये जाते हैं| वेसिक बीमारियों का चेकअप भी तसलीबख्स किया जाता है| स्पाइनल थैरेपी द्वारा सभी प्रकार के दर्द जैसे मांस पेसियों का दर्द, रक्त चाप, शुगर, नसों का ब्लॉक होना, लकवा (पैरालाइज) और विभिन प्रकार की शारीरिक बीमारियों का इलाज किया जाता है| सर्वाइकल का इलाज मशीन (स्पाइनल थैरेपी आप निचे फोटो में देख सकते हैं|

For Patient Health Check Home Service Are Available 24X7 Services

Sharma Clinical Laboratory

Fully Computerized Investigation Centre

Near Broha Chowk, Teh. Jhandutta, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P)

Laboratory For Hematology, Culture, Bio-Chemistry-Chemical Pathology, Serology, Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology

शर्मा क्लीनिकल लेबोरेटरी में कौन से हेल्थ टेस्ट किये जाते हैं?

#Mamotology (CBC)

Hb, TLC (WBC), Differential Leacocyte Count, Polymorphs, Lymphocytes, Monocytes, Eosinophils, Basophils, R.B.C, P.C.V, M.C.H, M.C.H.C, Platelet Count, E.S.R (Westergen), Malarial Parasite, Absolute Eosinophils Count.

#SKY Hyper Sensitivity Test

A.B.O. Group, C.Reactive Protein, A.S.O. Titre, Rheumatoid Factor, A.N. Factor, Blood For L.E. Cell Phenomenon, Scrab Typhies, V.D.R.L. STS, Blood HIV 1, HIV 2, Montoux Test, Typhi-Dot: IGG.


Sugar Fasting, Sugar Ramdom, Sugar PP, S.Amylase, S.Uric Acid, A.Iron Level, S.Acid Phosphatase, C.P.K, C.P.K.M.B, L.D.H

#Lipid Profile

S.Cholesterol, S.Triglycerides (F/R), H.D.L. Cholesterol, L.D.L, V.L.D.L

Kidney Function Test

B.Urea, S.Creatinine, S.Chloride, S.Calcium, S.Sodium, S.Potassium

#Widal Test

#Liver Profile

Total Serum Bilirubin, Direct, S.G.O.T (AST), S.G.P.T (ALT), Australiam Antigen, HCV, Serum Total Proteins, Serum Albumin, Serum Globuin, G.G.T, Alkaline Phosphatase, G6PDH


Prothrombin Time, Control, Prothrombin Index, BT, CT

#Thyroid: T3, T4, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone

#Urine For Pregnancy

#Urine Analysis

Physical Examination, Chemical Examination, 1. Volume, Acetone 2. S.P. Gravity, Albumin 3. Colour, Sugar 4. Appearance, Bile Salts 5. Odour, Bile Pigment 6. Reaction, Urobilinogen

#Culture Sensitivity

Growth of Groups of Organisms Obtained 24/28 Hrs of Incubation.

1.Amikacin 2. Gentamicin 3. Ciprofloxacin 4.Gatifloxacin 5. Nitrofurantoin 6. Cefotaxime 7. Cephalexin 8. Ceftriazone 9. Ampicillin 10. Methicillin 11. Ticarcillin + Clavulanic Acid 12. Erythromycin 13. Clindamycin 14. Sulbactam + Cefoperazone 15. Pieracillin + Tazobactam 16. Norfloxacin

If The Result (S) Is of The Investigation (S) Is Are Alarming Or Unexpected, The Patient Consultant Is Advised To Contact The Laboratory Immediately For A Recheck

Contact Person: Dr. Rakesh Kumar

For Patient Health Check Home Service Are Available 24X7 Services

Address: Near Broha Chowk, Teh. Jhandutta, Distt. Bilaspur (H.P)

Mob: 98166-15523, 98162-15723

Fully Computerized Investigation Centre

Sharma Clinical Laboratory & Medical Store


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