Sonam Fast Food Ladraur

Sonam Fast Food Ladraur (1)
Sonam Fast Food Ladraur

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Fast Food

हमारे यहाँ सभी प्रकार के FAST FOOD जैसे कि मोमोज, फ़्राईड मोमोज, चाउमिंग, थुपका, शूप, चिली पनीर इत्यादि फ़ास्ट फ़ूड We Make On Order

Door Service Are Also Available Within Market And Within 2 KM

Kitty Party Or Any Other Function We Make Fast Food On Order

Contact Person: Sarkila Lama

Shop Time: 06:00 AM To 08:00 PM

Address: Sonam Fast Food Ladraur, PO Ghandawali, Tehsil Ghumarwin, Distt. Bilaspur H.P 174029

Mobile Number:


Meyti Lama


Pasang Lama


Make For India Through Local Market
Make For India Through Local Market
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Made In India Goods

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