Tanu Shree Dutta: A Dusky Sensational Beauty

Tanu Shree Dutta A Dusky Sensational Beauty All Over India

Tanu Shree Dutta is a dusky sensational beauty who was born on March 19, 1984 in Jamshedpur, the Steel city of India in Jharkhand. With no doubt, her dreams were as strong as the history of the city she belongs to. She is a shy and introvert lady having the atticates corresponding to a conservative family with Hindu, Bengali and Kayastha traits. Her dad Tappan Dutta was an employee of the LIC of India and her mother a typical housewife.

Tanu Shree Dutta, nicknamed as Tanu, took primary education in Jamshedpur from the D.B.M.S. English School and for high school studies went to Pune and attended the Junior College. Tanu Shree left her graduation in B. Com. for pursuing her career in modelling. Since childhood, she had always dreamt to be the Miss India and even she used to watch beauty pageants at an early age. While she maintained her resume as a model by performing ramp walks and acting in a few ad campaigns, as a counterpart, she opted a part time job at an event management company as a junior executive at sales.

Tanu grew up learning Indian classical dance and music. She loved fine arts a lot, thus got training in painting from the Rabindranath Tagore Society for Arts. She was also a great admirer of performing arts. It is her determination and hard work that paid up and her modelling career went ahead of all.

Participating in local beauty contests of Pune, she took part in some music videos and appeared in a Bengali TV show as a host. In the year 2004, Tanu’s dream of becoming Miss India became a complete reality. This was invariably a gyratory jiff of her life as she was one of the top ten contenders of the Femina Miss Universe Pageant for which contestants from more than a hundred countries gathered in for. She was keen in realizing her responsibilities and to her amazement; she very well represented India at the international beauty pageant by securing a place among the top ten contestants. Missing to the top spot, she was very disappointed, but never looked back from that moment.

Tanu was constantly assigned projects by recognized designers and brands and since her winning streak and this also opened the gates for her arrival in Bollywood. Many top roles were offered to this charming diva and she finally made her first appearance in Bollywood in 2005 by two films, Ashique Banaya Aapne” and “Chocolate”. Though Chocolate received a mild response, but the other film, Ashique Banaya Aapne succeeded at the box office. Music of this film got appreciation from the cinema goers. The response of these two films was a mix, but was enough for establishing her identity in Bollywood.  She was highly acclaimed for the performance in Harry Anand’s ‘Saiyyan Dil Mein Anaa Re’. Apart from acting in Hindi films (Bhagam Bhaag, Risk, Raqeeb, Speed, Apartment, Dhol etc.) she also acted in Veerabhadra (Telugu) and Theeradha Vailaiyattu Pillai (Tamil). The first leg of her Bollywood career, although was of about 5 years, but she managed her roles in almost all genres, romance, horror, thriller, comedy and action to name a few.

Rama: The Saviour” was supposed to be Tanu Shree Dutta’s last film after she took a furlough from the film industry. For the next 30 months, she devoted herself to the ambitions of travelling, adventure sports and the garnering her spiritual, yogic and mystical urges. She says that this period has provided her an ample time to rediscover her and reinvent as a good person. In this period, she shaved her head in the name of spirituality as to hide her identity and travel with no hindrance, but her act was very much publicized.

Her fans were amazed when she appeared on the red carpet after returning from this voluntary sabbatical. She made her comeback to the screens by acting in a special series of program “Hum Ne Li Hai… Shapath” which is aired on television channel Life OK. This show is the only fiction, crime, action, police procedural in India concerned with the supernatural powers.

Recently, Tanu Shree Dutta has stated that she will be seen anchoring in Fear Files a television thriller of Zee Network. She is just going to quiver her admirers by the rational drama and sensationalizing rudiments of this prominent TV show.

Pooja Bhatt, the daughter of Mahesh Bhatt and Loraine Bright (later known as Kiran Bhatt) was born on February 24th, 1972. Once dreamt of reaching the stars, eventually she made it all true through her acting. As a child, she was fond of the celestial world and wanted to be an astronaut, but nobody knows why she abandoned those dreams to become an earthly charm.

The granddaughter of the renowned director Nanabhai Bhatt, this chubby girl with childish smile, started her career at the very age of 17 with “Daddy” which was directed by her father Mahesh. This film had a typical storyline where the daughter pulls back her frustrated, forlorn and drunkard father (role played by Anupam Khair) from the gloom. It became a hit melodrama with the crux of autobiography. The next film that pounded out of this Father-daughter duo was Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin. This 1991 release was a perfect boost to her filmy career as she was awarded Best Female Debut Award for stupendous acting in this film. Though this film was a Bollywood version of the Oscar captivating film of the year 1934, “It Happened One Night” with some juice of Chori Chori, a Raj Kapoor enacted film of 1950s. This film was very much in news for increasing closeness between Pooja Bhatt and Aamir Khan, the counterpart of Pooja in this film.

DHKMN was a mega hit at the box office. Pooja’s role in this film was an arrogant and spoilt child of a billionaire father. The actress, in the film surfeits this wealth and gets away to find a perfect match. She meets with a freelance Journalist and falls in love with him (Aamir). This masala movie performed well and gained much appreciation.

In her acting regime of almost a decade, Pooja acted in many films from Daddy to Everybody Says I’m Fine! But the film that was most apprehended was Sadak (1991), in which she played a role of a prostitute who was rescued by Sanjay Dutt amidst lots of hurdles roped by the villain. Fans were amazed to see performances of both actors at their best.

Pooja’s career was neither too bright not too dark. Thanks to her father’s support with the production of ample films specifically for Pooja. For almost a half decade, her all films, whether home produce or others all were flops.  Then after, she sidelined herself from acting and opted for a different career as a film producer. Though, she enacted in her first film as a producer in Tamanna (1996). This too was filled with inspirational thoughts and failed to lift the hearts of the movie goers, but bagged a National Film award for Best Film on Other Social Issues. All through her acting career, Pooja Bhatt had been always in news headlines for her candor with too many actors, wannabes, film makers and others.

Right after this unsuccessful dual producer cum actor’s contribution, Tamanna, she realized that it is better to concentrate on only one, thus she chose to be a producer instead. This decision proved righteous as her second movie, Dushman (1998), starring Kajol opposite maniac villain Ashutosh Rana was a hit at the box office. Her third in the same year was Zakhm (1998) which was based on the life of her parents and achieved Best Feature Film on National Integrity (Nargis Dutt Award). After this she produced many other movies like Sur, Jism, Paap, Rog, Holiday etc. Her last film as only a producer was Jism 2, though she produced and directed all three movies of “Jism trilogy”.

Pooja Bhatt is at present a full time movie director. Her first directorial film was Paap (2004). From that time till today, she had directed many films like Holiday (2006), Dhokha (2007), Kajraare (2010) and Jism 2 and 3. Many people praise her for the never to stop attitude towards life.