The Anti-Cancer Properties of Black Seed Oil, Blood Cancer and Black Seed Oil

Colon Cancer and Black Seed Oil

Black Seed Oil for CancerMillions of people die as a result of one type of cancer or another. The disease takes place as a result of cell divisions occurring uncontrollably in any organ of the body. These cells are not normal, healthy cells but unhealthy strange ones. Black seed oil for cancer treatment presents a hopeful development to the ongoing battle towards controlling and completely eradicating the disease. The first known use of this herb was back in the ancient Egyptian and Grecian civilization. But, it originated from Asia and is popularly claimed to treat all ailments. That claim seems to be a fact indeed, seeing it contains many anti-cancer properties.

The all-round usefulness of the black seed is noteworthy; the oil retrieved from the seed and other parts of the plant all have super healing powers. It can control and reduce blood sugar levels; with it you can regulate your blood pressure; it can treat many skin problems; and also combat the deadly disease called cancer. For this article, we will be focusing on the healing powers of the black cumin (the English version) for the treatment of cancer. Now let’s evaluate some interesting fact about this herb.

#The Anti-Cancer Properties of Black Seed Oil

The black seed has saponin, essential oils, fixed oil, alkaloids and protein as its major properties. The fundamental components found in its oil are dithymoquinone, thymoquinone, and thymohydroquinone. Out of all these, thymoquinone is the most relevant property that cures most illnesses, and this is in all oils of the seed, both essential and fixed.

Thymoquinone acts as an active agent against several medical disorders. It is an anti-mutagen, antioxidant, and anti-carcinogen. As an anti-mutagen, it stops the activities of mutagens in the body. These mutagens are abnormal agents that sporadically reproduce the process of mutation thereby causing cancer. So, the anti-mutagenic property of thymoquinone makes nigella sativa oil effective in treating cancer.

As an antioxidant, thymoquinone fights against dangerous oxidizing agents. These hazardous oxidizing agents recreate free radicals unrestricted. The process continues till the damage of cells occurs, leading to cancer.  This is another reason why the oil from this seed presents a cure to cancer.

The carcino preventive property in the black seed oil called thymoquinone, destroys cancer as well. As an anti-carcinogen, it reverses the effects of carcinogens in the body, hence stopping the growth and the spread of cancer. These carcinogens are destructive agents that damage healthy cells in organisms. This effective herbal oil inhibits the operations of carcinogens in the body.

#Liver Cancer and Black Seed Oil

You can stop the development and multiplication of cancer cells in the liver with the use of black seed oil. The administration of some doses of thymoquinone is effective. The person suffering from this disease will soon discover a difference. And the anti-carcinogenic property of this herb will hinder further growth and spread of cancer cells in the liver.

Black seed oil mixed with honey provides another effective cure for liver cancer. These two combined together are perfect anti-oxidants to suffocate those destructive cancer cells from the liver. They empower the healthy cells within the liver to fight against the unhealthy cancer cell, thus establishing a cure.

#Breast Cancer and Black Seed Oil

The antioxidant, antimutagenic and anti-carcinogenic properties contained in the oil extract of the black seed can kill cancer cells in the breast. Take note however, that it will require a long term application of the herb to produce a desired result. Strong black seed oil which has large doses of thymoquinone, contained in the oil should be taken for an extended period of time. This will hinder cancer cells from multiplying in the breast and eventually stop the development of these damaging agents. Make sure you take high doses ( 2-3 teaspoons daily) for an extended period of time to achieve tangible results.

#Blood Cancer and Black Seed Oil

Leukemia which is a widely spread blood cancer disease can also be treated with the use of thymoquinone. Its properties are very effective against the proliferation of leukemia cells in the human body. When appropriate doses of this potent anti-cancer agent are given murine leukemia cells are killed depending on the length of the treatment. In most cases a larger dose, over a long period of time is advised.

#Colon Cancer and Black Seed Oil

This seed oil can provide a cure for colon cancer. Because of the properties of thymoquinone to fight against neoplastic agents while promoting the activities of apoptotic agents in the body. The component can be used for chemotherapy while combating this health condition. It has the ability to destroy colon cancer cells also.

To enforce the elimination of the damaging cancer cell from the colon, researches implemented the use of thymoquinone from black seed with catechin green tea. This treatment produced the same effect as the use of chemotherapy to combat the illness. After using the mixture of black seed with green tea, the metabolism of cancerous cells was inhibited, destroying the cancer from the colon.


Most types of cancer can be treated with the use of black seed oil. It should be noted that larger doses of thymoquinone administered for an extended period of time will produce better results. However, consult a doctor for advice before commencing treatment.


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