The Foundation of These Diseases Is Then Placed On The Spirit Within The Human Body Is Born To Hate Instead of Love


The poison comes before us as diseases of the human body. The foundation of these diseases is then placed on the spirit within the human body is born to hate instead of love.

So now it is completely clear that love is the foundation of happiness. Hatred of sorrow. What is the wish fulfillment name of love?

“Yes,” you must have seen children who see their parent’s toy toys decorated in the market to take the mother’s wish – if parents take the toy is very happy child. Do not toy with love and gave it to him when the baby cries. Hate is a fraction of that child cry.

Once a woman was telling her to take your child to the doctor. Doctor, why not let the day the child is becoming lean. I did not detract from the treatment but health is deteriorating run. Now you can treat it.

The doctor prescribed medications for a week to see the baby medication is not right after eating the baby from his mother then took him to the vet. This time, the best of the doctor prescribed him medication. But the baby was not right. When the woman took the child to the doctor again, the doctor himself was surprised that it was not responding to any medicine.

“Why is that?”

The doctor asked the woman to feel sad –

“Madam, what do you work?”

I’m an actress. I spent a lot of time shooting the film’s parties. Dr. heard the whole story of that woman so she could see him smiling in a new style of writing on paper sat medications.Medicines that woman said she wrote – “the drug within 15 days, your child will be fine.

Come out as soon as the woman read it in the paper wrote of the new drug.


Every four hours after a heavy dose of it to love it.


The kids love the lack of natural medicine. Just the same medicine, it can be cured. Dr. Mom’s advice as a child started treatment. A few days after the baby was fine. Then the woman had not needed to go to the doctor.

Now that you know the people themselves – “What is love and hate relationship? Love is a part of life that inspires us to live. As long as the human body until then, we will continue the spirit of love in the world from every evil spirit to survive and love as Dbegi then rise to hatred. This hatred is a symbol of despair.

Apparently the brain according to remain children forever because we all love is born. Love is the goal of life. Until then we will continue the spirit of love in our hearts will remain healthy and happy. Dr. Arnold is a book on the topic of “THE WILL TO LIVE” (survival) power’s stating excerpted.

Once a patient woman came to me. He told her about the disease and very disappointed. I’ve been to many doctors. So it seemed to me as if the world was not to me Dr.

“What do you want?”

Nothing. I just came to tell you the sorrow of his mind. You heard my story – first started my treatment of my family Dr. Finally he accepted his defeat plainly -The disease is beyond my understanding. I cannot cure it. I’ve been able to get their treatment from the city, but many doctors have nothing to me.

All kinds Dr. Heart, blood -presser, to treat infections of women, I saw everyone. Even cancer and also the doctors did not have any treatment. All the different – are treated differently. Do not all doctors were about a disease and I was sad to you. I do not like anything in this world. I cannot hear loud sounds. My digestion is not working.

He told me his thoughts. I listened carefully to his point. We then doctors profession is such that we have to listen to everyone. It is unfortunate that the doctors get all upset people. So happy to see we not make eyes.

I had come so many preventable ill. Everyone was in despair. Rich when it comes to me was upset and crying pity I had to see her recently. Can be considered middle class and poor people were so sad.

Finally I reached the result that all of them are victims of the same disease and the disease – “fatigue”

They are tired of life. Fatigue is the treatment of a disease that can only be psychologically. The fatigue life is very bad disease. O o d in an article by Dr. Watts Speaking Dlvr told – I have seen to date, nearly 75% of all the patients were fatigue patients.

None of these diseases is still able to make people themselves are patient. Some people assume Sadhahrn cough disease. Fatigue is also a disease of the same kind which are not disease is a disease.

The woman was one of those patients. He was constantly busy talking and listening. His argument was that any doctor to say that to date have not treated. Even if someone treating a disease which causes many were in his place.

The woman was one of those patients. He was constantly busy talking and listening. His argument was that any doctor to say that to date have not treated. Even if someone treating a disease which causes many were in his place.