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Indore 17th February 2018: Tickerplant Limited (Ticker), a fully owned subsidiary of 63 moons Technologies Ltd. is pleased to announce the launch of a completely new and feature enriched market communication application, called “Ticker Market™” covering almost all asset classes like equities, commodities, currencies, mutual fund etc.

With the launch of the new app, Ticker aims to offer a quality product at zero cost for the common investors.

The app includes innovative features like market analysis, video communication, fund details, learning tools, IPO section etc. Some of the features like ‘Ticker TV™’ and ‘Trade Now’ etc. are segment first features.

The section “TRADE NOW” can be accessed for investment into equity markets. The users of the app will be able to open account with entities featured in this section as well as can see the product/ services offered by them.

As an added benefit to investors, they can also watch views about markets and economy from participating economists’/research heads/ experts. It is expected that many such market experts and others will be a part of the ‘Ticker TV™’on a regular basis.

The app has been launched through a curtain raiser program in Indore on 17 February 2018.  “For the first time, all popular segments of the Indian capital market along with retail friendly features like IPO, Ticker TV™, Learn, MF etc. are getting included in a single app. Apart from “Ticker Market™”, the year 2018 will see nine new products from Ticker. Some of them will take the help of even machine learning and artificial intelligence. Ticker’s user base has recently crossed 1000 institution mark and is aspiring to cover the entire value chain of the financial market information”, said Mr. ArindamSaha, Joint CEO, and Ticker.

During same function in Indore, Ticker has launched few powerful reports covering the agriculture market including various varieties of oil and oilseeds products. “Correct and timely market information helps in decision making. Ticker’s new app will help trade, industry and farmers in getting updated info and will help them in their business”, said Dr. B V Mehta, Executive Director, and Solvent Extractors’ Association of India. The reports covering Mustard, Crude Palm Oil, Refined Soya and Groundnut will be a part of Ticker’s flagship product Ticker MVT™ (desktop solution) and Ticker MVM™ (Mobile based solution).

Tickerplant Limited

#About TickerplantLimited (Ticker)

Ticker is one of the leading global content providers in the financial information services industry that integrates and disseminates ultra-low latency data feeds, news and information. Real-time market data and information is distributed in a user-friendly and flexible format on Ticker’s own state-of-the-art platform as well as on third-party websites, including mobile phones.

Ticker’s adoption of open technology standards allows it to integrate content with rich features and analytical tools, enhancing customer experience through customized delivery and display of data and tools. Resilient data management system and dedicated teams of information and technology specialists ensure the highest standards of data security, completeness, quality and authentication. In 2018, the organization has plans to launch 9 products covering the wide spectrum of data, information and analysis.

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