Top 5 Must-Have Energy Efficient Appliances For Home

Top 5 Must-Have Energy Efficient Appliances For Home

Technological advances are manifesting as one of the searing trends in the smart home appliance area. An appliance is now smart enough to manage your day-to-day chores effortlessly. You can easily control electronic items such as fans, refrigerators, robotic vacuum, washers and dryers, etc., through a mobile device. The growth of the new smart appliances is directly proportional to the sudden increase in the usage of smartphones. One more factor that adds to this development is cloud computing. It allows you to connect your devices to communicate and sync with each other smoothly. It is a boon for all the tech-savvy consumers who wish their traditional appliances do the same. Additionally, more consumers are now demanding energy-efficient appliances. The aim is to do away with high utility and gas bills and save more money and energy.

Let’s take a look at the top five must-have energy-efficient appliances for the home.

#Smart Washing Machine

LG Electronics washing machine comes with “Smart ThinQ” technology which enables you to not only control the device with a smartphone but also your TV. For example, you can continue watching something on TV and get live laundry-cycle updates on the TV screen. You don’t have to go to the washing machine and set it manually. You can simply control it with your smartphone which will alert you if there is an issue with water input etc.  When you choose to replace your washing machine with an energy-efficient model, you can save a lot of money on water and electricity bills. Front-loading washing machines save energy and water to a greater extent than top-loading machines.

Smart Washing Machine

#Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Gorilla ceiling fan is an energy-efficient appliance for the home. It is built with a super-effective BLDC motor that gives you around 65% saving on the electricity bill. The “Timer mode” automatically stops the fan when you don’t need it. It also features “Sleep Mode” wherein the fan’s speed reduces gently during the night to provide you with a comfortable sleep. Both the features are great energy savers.   

Ceiling Fan                           

#Smart Microwave

If you plan to buy a new microwave oven, some energy-efficient characteristics should be kept in mind rather than style, brand and colour. Microwaves with convections utilize less energy and cook food fast at a lesser temperature. One additional feature is the automatic switch-off sensor that notifies you when the food is cooked to avoid overcooking. The Samsung convection microwave oven comes with a touch-keypad which is easy to use and clean. You can grill, bake, defrost and perform many tasks with it. The microwave also comes with a child lock feature to ensure complete safety of homes with children.

#Smart Refrigerators

The refrigerator manufacturers have progressed in creating energy-efficient models over the past few decades. A refrigerator is useful for 12 to 15 years and should be replaced after that because it doesn’t save energy post that. The best replacement option which isn’t expensive is the 18-cubic-foot Energy Star top-freezer refrigerator such as Kenmore 68032 23.8 Cu. It is spacious and specifically designed to control humidity. It also features Multi Air Flow Technology that strategically uses placed vents to stabilise cool air in the entire refrigerator so that the items put on the door also remain cool.

#Smart Dishwasher

A dishwasher does not use as much power as a washing machine or constantly-running refrigerator. However, the water and electricity that is required to run a dishwasher amount to the same. The Energy Star dishwashers are 12 percent more efficient than a non-certified model and will save you a good amount of money. The LG D1452CF is a dishwasher featuring Inverter Direct Drive Motor which increases its spray power for every load to give a high energy-efficient result. The Futura dishwasher features an “AutoSensor” that helps you determine the amount of detergent and water needed for a specific number of utensils in the machine. It also includes “Remote Vision” technology that alerts you through a wireless Internet connection if there’s any disruption in the process.

The rise of energy-efficient appliances has led to people wanting futuristic homes where an appliance does most of the work, and there is minimal or no manual help needed. Wouldn’t it be great if your refrigerator could sync up with your digital body scale and offer healthy meal recipe and ideas? Or a courteous audio reminder to steer clear of deep-fried food? Consumers want to access a host of modified information from different smart devices.


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