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Hostgator biggest and no 1 world hosting company, billions of web owners are registered with Hostgator company. 100% web owners are satisfied with Hostgator hosting and domain registration services. Hostgator is basically from united state of America and now Hostgator launched Indian hosting and domain registration panel.

Which Type of Functionality of Hostgator with Domain Registration?

Hostgator providing domain extension facilities with two ways. The first section is popular domain extensions and the second way is other domain extensions, now we have need to know who is the domain extensions is under of popular domain extensions.

Hostgator Popular Domain Extensions Are: Hostgator Other Domain Extensions Are:
.website .name
.com .co.in
.net .org.uk
.org .me.uk
.biz .net.in
.in .Org.in
.me .ind.in
.info .firm.in
.mobi .asia
.co.uk .gen.in

How to Register Domain on Hostgator Guidelines?

The first step is going to open Hostgator. In website and click on login of web header left side. After click on login wait for open next page now you are looking login page but first you have need to create account on Hostgator, So now click on under login written there sign up for web hosting and fulfill all required fields. After done your registration once a time Hostgator will send you confirmation link on your registered email ID, you have to need click on confirmation link and now login your Hostgator account.

After done this process click on the domain page and search here your desire domain name and extensions according to your domain match and country wise.

How to Register Domain on Hostgator Guidelines alloverindia.in

What Domain Registration Benefits With Hostgator?

In the big question ever coming in our mind regarding which type of benefits we can get when we are buying domain with Hostgator. Hostgator is single largest company in the world where billions of website owners are getting lot of benefits with domain registrations. If we are talking about current benefits then Hostgator providing domain sales facilities on the extensions of .com and .net. Hostgator single hosting company if providing you complete domain extensions prices according to country wise. Here is the popular domain extensions price list for India and other domain extensions price list.

What Domain Registration Benefits alloverindia.in

What Domain Registration Benefits With Hostgator alloverindia.in

When you have done domain registration part then now Hostgator is completely responsible to resend you every year email reminder for renew your domain again with discount price. If you are interested to buy your domain for next continue 5 years then it is your very best decision, because if you are purchasing your domain name for next 5 years that in case you are getting lot of discount and 1 month domain registration as free.

Now Look at Here Hostgator Hosting Plan, Who is Better Plan For you?

Hostgator is known for better hosting services with complete security and Hostgator customers support are 24X7 hours available for your help regarding your issues. Hostgator have launched Indian hosting plan according to the Indian peoples and web owner’s demands and reviews.

Look at Here Hostgator Hosting Plan alloverindia.in

Let’s We Talk About Hostgator Hosting Steps

The first Hostgator hosting plan name is web hosting with yearly investment of 2664 Rs. When you decide to purchase this web hosting from Hostgator that time not forget to seek discount on your item. But the big thing is under the first web hosting plan too three other mini plans for your desire hosting. The first mini plan is hatchling plan with 20% off then your total year investment is 4260 Rs. And less 20% off and the second baby plan with 20% off then your total year investment is 5460 Rs. And less 20% off and last third is business plan with 20% off then your year investment is 8100 Rs. And less 20% off. So you have three other options with Hostgator.

Now What Hosting Facilities With This Entire Plan:

The hatchling plan offering you single domain facilities and unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer and unlimited email access

The baby plan providing you unlimited domain registrations facilities and other facilities are previously.

The big business plan some different with last two plans, with this business plan unlimited domains registration, unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer, unlimited email access and the different facilities are free dedicated IP address and also free SSL certification.

As a example we have attached here image:

Now What Hosting Facilities With This Entire Plan alloverindia.in

Here is Second Hostgator Hosting Plan

Hostgator providing reseller hosting plan for better business with high price of 13,500 Rs. yearly investments. Under this plan Hostgator offering 4 mini different plans. First is aluminum plan providing you 50 GB disk space for your website hosting support and 500 GB bandwidth, unlimited domain registrations with total yearly price 20% off 13,500 Rs? Second is copper plan is this plan offering you 700 GB bandwidth space, 80 GB disk space, unlimited domain registrations with price of yearly 18,540Rs. For your website hosting support. Third is silver plan and is this plans how to work for you 120 GB disk space, 1000GB bandwidth and unlimited domain registrations with yearly price of 27,540 Rs. Don’t forget to seek your 20% discount.

Here is Second Hostgator Hosting Plan alloverindia.in

Third Hostgator VPS Hosting Plan With Advanced Functionally

On this plan your yearly investment is 10,800 Rs. But if you are interested to buying all VPS hosting mini plan then please first revise and get complete information below.

Hostgator has divided VPS mini plan level 1 to level 9 and included are plans, CPU capacity, RAM functionally, Disk space, Bandwidth and price. We are confirming you don’t touch this plan before getting complete knowledge because this plans offering you minimum starting 2 years hosting registrations. Please look at here below all VPS hosting mini plan.

Hostgator VPS Hosting Plan With Advanced Functionally alloverindia.in

Get Complete 4th Hostgator Hosting Plans?

Hostgator really advanced with all other hosting companies because if you are needed to very secure with your website then here is Hostgator window hosting plan for your business. Is this plan cheap but better and your yearly investment is 3,204 Rs.

Hostgator representing this window plan with two different mini plans. Personal plan and enterprise plan with 20% off.

Now the first personal plan is offering you only one domain registrations and unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited email addresses access with the yearly price of 4,860 Rs. But don’t forget your 20% off on the total investment.

The second enterprise plan is much better and you can register 5 domains with this plan and get unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited Email addresses access, dedicated free IP addresses, and Free SSL certification. Now here is your total yearly investment is 10,860 Rs. But don’t forget your 20% discount.

Get Complete 4th Hostgator Hosting Plans alloverindia.in