Vaya Tyffyn – Your Smart Diwali Gifting Choice All Over India

purrrfect, stainless steel, festival gift, water repellant, microwave, technology.
purrrfect, stainless steel, festival gift, water repellant, microwave, technology.

National, October 4th, 2017: Diwali is all about celebrating with your loved ones and giving gifts to your family and friends.  Why don’t you make it extra special this season with something new and fun?  This Diwali give the clichéd chocolate box or dry fruit hamper a rest and gift your loved ones an aesthetic and smart product – a Vaya Tyffyn. A disruptive, new-age product, the Vaya Tyffyn is a unique and very useful gifting option to consider this season.

Vaya Tyffyn offers an improved way to carry meals making it a smart choice. It could be carried to the workplace, it might find a place in school and perhaps it could even be taken on a picnic without any spillover stories. This Diwali gift good health in a lunch box to your loved ones with the stainless steel Vaya Tyffyn.

Vaya Tyffyn is available in two categories – 1000ml (3 containers) and 600ml (2 containers) in the range of Rs.1890/- to Rs.2990/-  Now in 8 different variants, one can choose from amongst the limited edition Gold, to the funky Denim or a feisty Cheetah. For lovers of patterns and various designs, a Wool or Maple is surely not to be missed. Classic shades of Black or Graphite will never run out of style either. And enjoy the end of the festival with reminiscent of the freshly Dew.

A latest addition to the stylish range is purrrfect for when school begins again. The cutest Vaya kyds collection is here! Go Pink with Vaya Cats – a sure favourite among the pretty princesses. And for the cool boys, there is the Vaya Dino. The dashing darlings can go pre-historic with this collection of Blue Dinos to keep their snacks or lunch fresh.

A Vaya tyffyn can also be purchased with or without a BagMat, which is a smart shoulder carry bag that efficiently unzips into a table mat. The BagMat is water repellant and which doesn’t stain. To know more, please visit

Add a royal twist to your festival gifting this season – Log on to and light up your loved one’s life, with this everyday yet unique product!

#Vaya Tyffyn – Features:

  • VacuTherm technologyDouble walled high vacuum insulated stainless steel cover shell, which traps the rising heat and helps retain the warmth. The stainless steel cover shell is also lined with copper coating
  • Three (1000ml) and two (600ml) High quality copper finished stainless steel containers – that retain the freshness of the food as it is packed
  • Stainless steel side latches that puts positive pressure on the container lids thereby preventing any leakage
  • Double-shot container lids additionally help in preventing leakage of contents inside the container
  • Finger grooves on container lids for smooth opening of the containers, and prevent spillage while opening
  • Sleek and compactVaya tyffyn can snuggle into any bag, and is easy to hold in one hand, similar to holding a laptop

#The advantages of a Vaya Tyffyn:

  • Vaya Tyffyn with its proprietary VacuTherm technology, is designed to keep food hot even after four to six hours of packing, which means, at lunchtime, customers are sure to enjoy their meal, hot and fresh!
  • With this heat retention feature, one need not re-heat their food in a microwave, thus preventing the unwanted radiation effects
  • You don’t need to stand near a power socket to heat your lunchbox.
  • The product is leakage-resistant. Hence, no worry about food spilling out. In fact, it is so reliable; one can carry Vaya Tyffyn confidently in their laptop bag.
  • World class design – Vaya Tyffyn comes in a sleek oval-shaped stainless steel body, with attractive graphic cover designs. With its BagMat, Vaya tyffyn adds to the style quotient.
  • Vaya tyffyn makes for a great gifting option which its recipients are sure to cherish and use every day. Not every gift is used on a daily basis by the recipient

#BagMat Features:

  • Vaya BagMat unzips to become a full table mat in seconds, perfect for lunch on the go
  • BagMat has a layer of water-resistant coating that makes it easy to clean
  • Dimensions
    • Height: 35 cms
    • Breadth: 27 cms
    • Weight: 230 grams
  • Services
    • Warranty: 1 Year
    • Shipping: Within 6-12 hours

Delivery: Within 5 to 7 days of shipping

#About Vaya Life:

Vaya Life Pvt. Ltd. aims to redefine the everyday as it embarks onto the revolution by offering an improved way to carry meals. It is the coming together of seasoned professionals from across the globe, driven by a visionary zeal to significantly improve people’s lives. The company promises “life, improved” by redesigning everyday products that is integral part of routine. Vaya plans to excite its customers with more variants and innovative products. Founded by US based, Indian-origin technologist, Vashist, Vaya aspires to create products that enhance everyday living.

#Media contact:

Yasna Mistree | +91 9820942610 |

Prakruti Jani | +91 9867868976 |

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