Water Pollution In India Sewerage and Water Supply System

Water Pollution In India Sewerage and Water Supply System at alloverindia.in

Sewerage and Water Supply System: In cities municipal or corporation sewer pipes start leaking or naris points and mix with drinking water supply lines. This causes water pollution. These pipes may also pure out domestic waste into river and see. As a result much water pollution like organic, nutrients, harmful chemicals and oils causes water pollution. When we use this water our health is infected. Water gets polluted, if water resources are not kept properly covered and cleaned. It causes many deceases of digestion. So these should be covered properly and clean to avoid water pollution. In case the drains are not clean and water remains in small pits, it helps mosquito breeding. This also caused water pollution so avoid to drains should be kept cleans by periodically cleaning these.

the waste is dumped into rivers and sea at alloverindia.in

Industry: when industries work the waste is dumped into rivers and sea. This water becomes polluted as it contains harmful chemicals and heavy metals. Such water causes deceases like cancer etc. So avoid it the industries should be operated in far of places away from populated areas.

Sewerage consists of waste materials in solid and liquid from release. By our bodies and industrial waste as a result of various functions. It contains harmful chemicals and germs. In order to keep drinking water fit for drinking and other uses it must be given proper treatment in sewerage work which makes water pollution free.
Sewerage treatment consists of:
i) Screening: First of all wire nets take out sticks, rags and other such materials out of the polluted water.
ii) Grit Tanks: A screening of Polluted water it is paused big tanks where grit, other heavy objectives and stone etc. Sink to the Bottom of Grit Tank.
iii) Sedimentation tanks: Now the sewerage materials moves further into sedimentation tanks where lighter particles faces go to the bottom of these tanks in the form of slug is used as fertilizer and also in methane gas plans. The liquid as the top is called liquor and it moves into this stage of treatment.
iv) Aeration: area is bubbled through liquor so as to let the microbes such as bacteria increase in numbers now micro base helps in digestion of waste as a result which these are changed into carbon dioxide are some harmless sub sentences.
v) Biological filter: after this water is sprinkled into tanks in which there stones and remains of warrant coal or clinker microbe cover these enabling to digest more ways? After the clean liquid called effluent sent rivers and sea.

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Oil Refineries: These are generally located in the coastal areas. The main cause of sea water pollution is see page of oil from refineries and due to other reasons pollution of sea water is harmful to aquatic animals living in the sea and the quota environment is affected by this pollution. 

Nuclear reactors: these nuclear reprocessing plans are also situated in coastal areas. These discharge radioactive waste into the sea water which gets polluted. The polluted sea water cause many badly decease.

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Sub sea bed disposal: An other method of disposing high level radioactive waste is too bury or place it deep in the sea. This radioactive waste is put in a container called penetrator. And it is lowered down to the base of the sea or the sea bed. While do you show it is insured that the emplacement sight in a geological stumbles zones so that no problem is created in future due to this.
Sea borne pollution: An oil sea page is the cause of is the cause of sea water pollution to a small extent. But dumping or disposal of industrial waste, domestic waste and chemical waste into the sea is much more extensive reason of pollution of sea water. As a result of this coastal Eco-system is destroyed.