Website Design And Research – What Do You Need To Take Care Of?

Website Design And Research What Do You Need To Take Care Of
Website Design And Research What Do You Need To Take Care Of

Designing websites and other interactive products require several skills and competences, which only when used together give a business benefit in the form of better company results. Users entering a given website or website usually know from the very beginning what action they want to take or what to get. The designers’ task is to plan the entire structure, functionality, and other, even the smallest elements so that the user from a given target group efficiently achieved their goal.

Research In Web Design – What Role Do They Play?

Regardless of whether we look at web design or other interactive products, research plays a significant role in the whole process. Exactly as we mentioned earlier, the task of UX designers is, among other things, to plan the entire website and its details so that the user from a given group easily reaches their goal. However, we should remember that not every consumer on the market behaves in the same way.

Depending on the target group, a given user group will have different preferences and expectations for websites. People who are unaware and less proficient in Internet operations need different functionalities and design than those who are aware and expert in searching for information by Millenials. Teenagers may like different graphics, men in their forties, and mothers. The choices of each of us are dictated by the huge amount of experiences, stimuli, and emotions that a good UX researcher often reads only with the help of UX tests. Thanks to them, however, it will be able to introduce such changes in the page design to get the most optimized effect tailored to a specific audience.

It also happens that designing websites in terms of User Experience in a software house is largely based on editing the existing project and constructing recommendations for implementation by the client. Then you can use an in-depth analysis of existing user data if the company previously took care of its proper collection and storage. The final design of the product should at the next stage significantly affect the usability of the website or web application.

Without research, interactive agencies would not be able to propose and design an interactive product design that they could say is fulfilling their role as best they can. It is difficult to design something that we do not know how users want to use it. Each website we design is based on structures and practices acquired during hundreds of studies and many years of experience.

User Experience Design – Definition

User Experience Design is a field that focuses on designing interactive products in such a way that the mere use of them satisfies users and provides them with a large number of positive experiences. Interaction with a product-focused on usability gives pleasure, and the user entering such a website moves as if he had done it hundreds of times before. Smoothly finds the information he is interested in, buys the products he wants, or performs another action he has planned.

A few of the most important elements of website design that are worth paying attention to

There are at least a few elements in the page’s design that should be considered when designing a useful website. Forgetting at least one of them can significantly reduce the interest of users, hinder their path to make conversions, or reduce their pleasure from the entire interaction. What are these elements?

  • Properly laid out space
  • Comfortable and intuitive navigation menu
  • Visible place or subpage with information about the company
  • Contact details and the shortest way to it
  • Various and neatly arranged CTA (Call To Action)
  • Included tool for searching specific information on the site
  • A refined interactive product footer

It is only when we take care of each of the design elements that we have a good chance of success in the design of the website. Lack of planned space could make the information on the site illegible. Modern, though unknown to users, navigation menus can be misleading and decide on faster resignation from further searches. Lack of information about the company and data for possible contact reduces the trust of potential customers. Lack of calls to action, on the other hand, may mean that the consumer will not know where to click to bring about the desired action to the site.

The process of designing interactive products – Designing websites and websites
Designing websites and other interactive products often require a structured process. This will sort out all the responsibilities that appear.
  1. Generating ideas for the whole process
  2. Analysis of collected and invented ideas
  3. Concept development, consultation, and selection of appropriate UX research methods
  4. Business analysis of existing materials and information
  5. Conducting market research and tests that will allow the collection of comprehensive amounts of data
  6. Project implementation based on collected materials and data
  7. Implementation of the website, website or other interactive product design
  8. Analysis of financial and marketing results

Shifting the order of these duties and stages may cause more chaos and delays that we did not assume at the beginning. So let’s use a structured methodology and efficiently move from one point to another.

Designing In Agile Methodologies

Designing websites, websites, and applications, contrary to appearances, can take place when agile work takes place in a given interactive agency. Iterative and incremental frameworks designers’ work should be planned very carefully, and at the same time, it is worth adjusting it to the programmer’s work cycle so that the whole project and its implementation proceeds without major disturbances. The key to achieving the results we expect is the proper organization of tasks, time, and processes that will help the teams work together.

Organizing processes helps to ensure the right order. For example, designing user interfaces in a web application takes place in a sprint preceding the implementation of this solution by programmers in the company.

The most popular research methods – Website design according to the highest standards

Focus research – Research commonly called focus is one of the most widely used. They are most often associated with appropriate research on the usability of websites and designing new solutions. A Focus group interview is a qualitative method that involves a conversation between a moderator and several study participants in a room specially designed for this purpose. Participants are selected during recruitment in such a way that their views reflect those that future users of the solution might have. They must have a moderator who prepares the course and questions he will ask the group.

Questionnaire Surveys – Surveys otherwise known as surveys are used as often as the focus above. They consist of presenting a standardized questionnaire to a selected group of respondents. In most cases, the document is constructed in the same way for each participant, and the results, while maintaining the right conditions, can lead to many conclusions. The next stage, which is drawing conclusions and designing pages, services, or other products results in better results. There are many methods for carrying out these tests because they can be done both on-site and remotely.

In-depth individual interviews (IDI) – The method, as many can guess, is a face-to-face conversation between the subject and the UX researcher. During this type of conversation, the respondent is subject to questions that examine his needs, habits, and preferences. The conversation can last for several hours, which results in accurate knowledge that we emphasize in qualitative research. Most often, the session is recorded and analyzed later in a larger group of researchers, so that the data obtained are more objective and the conclusions with the smallest possible scale of error.

Existing data analysis – Our software house in Poznan is full of specialists who are ready at any time to perform an in-depth analysis of existing data. It involves using previously collected information about users and potential clients to draw conclusions and recommend specific solutions on a website, website, or web application.

There are also many other types of usability testing. A short consultation with one of the specialists from our interactive agency will allow you to find the optimal solution and match the offer to the capabilities and expectations of the client. It cannot be ignored that User Experience research has a huge impact on the effectiveness of a future website, and thus, the company’s results in the long run. With data on target groups of clients, their habits, habits, and needs, we can tailor an interactive product.

Website research and design – Things to think about

Linking UX research to the effectiveness of future website design requires a moment to think about the following issues. It is worth ensuring that they do not escape anyone’s attention in the company before starting the next project.

  • Goals we will achieve by conducting usability tests
  • Elements that must be included in the final product
  • The design process adapted to the method used to manage the entire project
  • Types of research and selection of the one that has the best chance of presenting the most cost-effective data

Paying attention to all aspects we have a better chance of achieving success. Let us remember, however, that specialist knowledge about User Experience is still a rarity in Poland, and acquiring it requires experience in many different projects. Check how we can help you!

Website Design And Research 2020 tips
Website Design And Research 2020 tips

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