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JACK MA: That was the idea so I came back to china and say I want to resign from my school you were teacher. I was a teacher I’ve been teaching in the university for six years so I said I want to do it I invited 24 of my friends to my apartment. After 2 hours of explain what I’m Gonna to Internet and 23 of them say forget it. You say this thing never worked because there’s no such thing called internet in the world.

You know nothing about a computer so way you want to do this and only one people he said Jack if you want to try it just to try it but if you’re something wrong just to come back and after whole night thinking I say I still want to do it because most of the people they have a fancy ideas in the evening but in the date when they wake up in the evening or in the morning they go back to do the same job we have to do. Something different so from their problem is that we have to find a solution that how we can be a company can live and love and healthy as lies like a Mercedes Benz and Siemens if an industry cannot live more than three years if all the companies cannot live happily for three years this industry is never become the mainstream this industry can never become the deep economy.

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So what we want to do is that how we can find this solution. The world has changed so fast most people don’t realize what is, IT what is Internet. We are moving very-very fast to date technology IT technology and data technology it’s not a technology. Difference it’s the difference of people the way people think the way people deal with the world we don’t know what the world will look in 30 years and we don’t know what the data will look like.

But we are sure that the whole world in next 30 years we’ll be changed if the first and the second innovation and technology revolution relief or liberate the human stress the physical stress this revolution relieves a liberal the strength of a human brain the brain the innovation the future world we believe will be connected not by oil not by other things but by data’s. The future world the business is C to B not B to C C to B is consumer to business not business to consumer because you have a lot of data because of the data the manufacture must do customized things otherwise manufacturer will be very difficult.

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In the future all the manufacturers they make the machine the machines can not only produce the products the machines must talk the machine must have think. And the machine is not going to be supported by oil by electricity the machine is going to be supported by theaters the future world business were not focusing on the size business will not focus of standardization and the power they were folks like focused on the flexibility nimbleness customization and user forensic friendliness and also I strongly believe the future world. We are going to have a lot of women leaders because in the future people not only focus on the muscles powers they focus on wisdom they focus on Candice and responsibility.

I think internet must have find the missing part this means in part is how the clicks and the motors can work it. Together and how we can making sure is the next two 30 years the internet and the clicks or motors can work together. Only word clicks and motors can work together internet companies can survive can live happily for next to 30 years and if daddy comes that they recalled. The economy and it’s gotten it’s not a digital economy which I called data economy. Everything is going to be changed and I also believe the world is going to be beautiful but the world is very challenging Apple may not be the future but Apple tells us what the future will look like that is something.

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In the machine is moving that is data we are at a great time of innovation inspiration invention and creativity and I think everybody’s working hard try to realize their dreams today you see here a real reward real world workers truck drivers and again players and also all these senior people everybody in the ocean aided ocean at times Asian times nobody can leverage the technology to realize the dreams today because of the data everything becomes the truth and I strongly believe it’s not the technology that changed the world. It’s the dreams behind the technology that changed the world.

If the technologies change of the world I will never be here. I’m not trained to be a teacher but not trained to be technology I know nothing about a computer and I know very little about the internet I have a strong dream that we want to help small business so 14 years ago we come here to sell Chinese products to Europe that won’t work. Fourteen years later we try to help the Europeans more business to China to the world by using the internet.

It’s The dreams that drive the world it’s not only the technology so ladies and gentlemen let’s work hard it’s a fantastic world it’s a world belongs to young people it’s the world belongs to the future.

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