When the heart breaks?

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Love, hate, lust and pleasure are all human life partner thousand such efforts cannot be separated from our lives on. This topic has been explained enough in the previous pages.

When the human heart is broken pieces of your broken heart is to keep ahead of the people. Wants to keep in front of your sorrows. He wants people to say – “Look! I am so sad man. How am helpless and destitute.”

“Now the question arises whether it is the people’s sympathy? What people say it all falls in love with her?”

Remember that often the people’s sympathy is only limited to words and things.

Well broken hearted man does not expect sympathy of the appearances. He wants people to love him like an innocent child. For many people know – become conscious patient to be sympathetic to her and love.

The subject o Defaults Dr. Fried thus narrates an event – hypnosis doctor once told a man that his wife is the victim of prolonged paralysis disease. In his treatment of his disease, but kept no shortage could not recover. So it seems to me that his legs are perfectly fine. But as soon as he tries to put the burden on his spider so it goes a step.

“Then why do not you marry again?” The doctor advised him. The mind behind the sense of knowing the man was working.

“No, doctor, sir, except that in this case would be unfair to marry again.”

“Well …. good. If it is true, you’d have a second marriage.” Dr. then threw an arrow.

“Maybe.” He replied with a cool mind.

“Wow, wow, what is interesting. When you need a partner, you and your wife were born Compassion Will she go if you would be willing to marry again.” The doctor scraped along her.

“Doctor! Actually, it’s been ten years of my century. Two years ago I received a child of the second marriage of desire and also spoke about his wife. He married me happy allowed to speak because he was well aware that she cannot get pregnant. It was a tragedy of fate that had come a week after her fever. fever after dropping the spare it. Seeing her in this condition I cannot think of another marriage. However, it is equally telling me that you do not worry about me. You get married again. Nature has done is good. You ruined my life, why What are you doing? ” He says all the time is just right.

This story was understandable real disease. Now wanted to see. Doctor thorough investigation of the woman’s disease, so it is not so much to know that the effect of standby. So it may be just fine.

The doctor a few days later, the woman began to treat her disease was cured. He knew that this was the case in front of the doctor lies and cheating – is typical of Ferry. Knowing that everything was silent. Both husband – wife did what he could say. The doctor decided in his mind that this woman should be hypnosis. The doctor asked the woman if she allowed the laughter -khushi.

He hypnotized patient to doctor to doctor prepared to lie to deceive your color was his grip as he had read many books on learning hypnosis. He was aware of the fact that the doctor will take the mystery of his mind. So he lies – handled was pretending to pretend to be hypnotized in front of the doctor.

The doctor had no master. He had killed the woman inside story. Baada the conspiracy to sabotage the match he took a spleen torches near his body. For a while, the woman tried to endure the fire …… but how long? After the fire is fire. Finally he was thrown off the fire out in pain.

The doctor was laughing. The drama was over. He quietly walked up and told her husband – “I want to talk to your wife in private.”

“Okay. You can do that.”

The woman went to the doctor the other day when he saw him burst into solitude – started weeping. The doctor watched him silently. When the doctor told him he had finished his cry – “Look, madam, that you are not better than the cry from her second divorce from husband to get married.”

“Doctor! At this age I could find a good husband? “

“You’re acting Fazil disease likely to be what it is that you do not think you have a day of the drama will end.”

“No, I have no fear. I sit on the wheel chair in the garden of his mansion will have turned their moral. I made a huge profit because of this disease is deception.”

“What happened?”

“That is my husband took me to love. He removed his mind is aware of the second marriage.”

“Madam! Actually did not love you, but your husband is sympathetic.”

“Let’s just perfect sympathy. Now my mind is happy.” He did say he started crying again. The doctor explained with great love seeing him crying – “Look, you do not worry at all. I will not say anything to your husband. I do not want to hurt your happy life. I see you happy, your I will treat it.”

“Thank you, Doctor! Your great – thanks.” Saying he was laughing.

“Madam! If you do not mind how I recommend you that you Puacu a thing?”

It was the true story of a broken heart with the help of the spirit of your mind, the fewer your household saved the world. The broken heart of love to try to get to the depths of the mind, then vanish diseases.

Actually, because of the pain of heart disease begin. Abdominal pain, abdominal Rsoli, the majority of these patients have poor digestion power come with broken hearts. If these broken hearts to give any support to the people so they can avoid these diseases. One elderly man o Dr. Arnold writes Rsoli inside my stomach was getting treatment for the disease. The last thirty years had been the pain in her stomach. That was his whole youth was spent in the stomach pain. I asked the patient

“Brother! Now you do good and do?”

“How happy are you expecting?”

“After that there is a long grief.”

There was something special about his life. He did not do anything for your future. He did not know what to do to him. He was thirty years job. In his office, he was famous for being industrious. He did not leave any time to disease. That was all the office people used to admire his work.

He did not want to lose the praise so he put down his stomach disease.

“How is it fantasy?”

We just have to get your appreciation to your sorrows are pressing inside. Dose of happiness to the mind of our lives working.